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Delinquent Account Policy
Delinquent Account Policy

Familiarize yourself with Eventive's policy on unpaid invoices.

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Don't let your account become delinquent! Learn more below and be sure to pay your invoice on time to keep your Eventive account in good standing.

Accounts are considered delinquent 15 days after the unpaid invoice due date.

Rules, Regulations, and Allowances

  • Invoices are sent out via Stripe each month following the month of activity to the billing contact we have on file

    • If you have not specified a billing contact, Eventive will send the invoice to the listed sales contact or an appointed administrator on your admin dashboard

  • Invoices are due and payable on the date specified on the invoice

  • Invoices are automatically charged to the payment method on file if no payment is remitted by the due date

    • If there is no payment method on file, or the payment rendered by the method on file fails, the invoice will be resent via email

  • Invoices are considered delinquent after 15 days from the invoice due date

  • A sixty (60) day delinquency may result in dashboard deactivation

    • This refers to an invoice that has not been paid within sixty days of the invoice due date

Associated Fees

  • A late fee penalty of $25 will be issued once the invoice is considered delinquent

  • A reactivation fee may be issued if your dashboard is deactivated

  • A delinquent account that has had no activity or correspondence from the customer for sixty (60) days after being deactivated (120 days after the invoice due date) will be processed for further collection action

Reasons Eventive Would Deactivate a Delinquent Account

  • Failure to pay any past due bill

  • Discovery of improper use of the platform and its services

  • Failure to provide Eventive with the correct and/or complete billing information

How to Reactivate a Delinquent Account

  • The customer must pay the entire past due balance plus any applicable reactivation and/or penalty fees before the dashboard can be reactivated.

  • Personal checks, or credit/debit card payments will be accepted on any invoice. No third party checks will be accepted for delinquent accounts.

    • Payment by personal check requires 10 business days for processing before the dashboard can be reactivated.

    • Personal checks will not be accepted for payment on a delinquent account if a check on that account has been returned to Eventive for any reason.

    • Returned checks are subject to a $50 fee.

  • The billing team responds to reactivation requests during normal working hours (9am-5pm EST, Monday-Thursday).

  • After Hours Reactivation Fee: $50

    • This fee is for customers who pay all amounts due after the specified working hours above and request same day reactivation. The reactivation will be made as soon as possible but no guaranteed time can be established.

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