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Introducing Eventive Print Traffic
Introducing Eventive Print Traffic

Manage print traffic for your in-person events directly from your admin dashboard with Eventive Print Traffic.

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Take the stress out of print traffic and DCP creation with Eventive Print Traffic.

Eventive and Simple DCP have partnered to streamline the process of both receiving and creating physical and digital copies of films for your in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. All Eventive partner organizations have access to this exciting integration.

Eventive partner organizations and filmmakers have access to purchase DCP creation services at 20% off Simple DCP's published rates. Any print traffic services which are not covered by DCP creation fees will be charged directly by Simple DCP, based on prior agreement before launching the integration in your dashboard.

Getting Started

To get started, please send us a message or email your Account Manager. We will set up a meeting between your team and Simple DCP to discuss the logistics and details specific to your organization. Your organization and Simple DCP will enter into an agreement based on anticipated usage.

Please note: we ask for 6 weeks notice prior to your event if you would like to start using this feature. It is important the partnership is confirmed before reaching out to filmmakers about asset delivery.

Once Eventive Print Traffic is activated in your Event Bucket, you can begin requesting DCPs from content creators.

NOTE: Encrypted DCPs cannot be QC'd by SimpleDCP, so be sure to coordinate KDM/key delivery with the festival to ensure they have time to QC your film on screen prior to the start of the festival.

Requesting DCPs

The Eventive Print Traffic box will appear on each film's edit page once Eventive Print Traffic is enabled in your Event Bucket.

In a process similar to sending upload invitations for virtual screenings, click the Send Delivery Invite button to create a title delivery pathway for the DCP. The invitation window will appear.

Add the filmmaker or distributor's email address and select which type of content you are requesting. You may select multiple types of content, such as virtual copy and physical DCP. Then click Send Invite.

Communicating with Filmmakers

We've created an email template that you are welcome to use to help explain Eventive Print Traffic to your participating filmmakers. You can find the template here.

Delivering DCPs

The recipient will receive an upload invitation via email. When they accept the invitation, they will be asked to log in to the Creator Hub or create a new account.

If the content creator has already delivered this DCP for another festival or screening on Eventive, they can select their previously uploaded film, which will appear in a list in the Creator Hub.

Otherwise, they will click Create New Title to create a new record.

The delivery page will open, and it will display the film's tracking number (the alphanumeric string at the top), delivery status, and list of requested asset types.

The content creator is required to select either Yes or No to the Print Delivery question: "Do you have an exhibition print of [Title] available to deliver to [Your Organization]?"

If they select Yes, I have an exhibition print (DCP) available, they will be asked to select their delivery method: upload DCP, mail physical DCP, or use existing print on file.

If they select, No, I need to have an exhibition print made, they will be prompted to complete all details on this page before moving on to the next page, where Simple DCP will provide an instant quote based on their partner rate.

If the requested assets include a virtual screening file, the content creator will be asked to specify their delivery method: manually upload the file, or extract and create virtual file from DCP.

Once all required sections are complete, they can click the Save Delivery Details and Continue button.

Tracking Delivery Status

After clicking Save Delivery Details and Continue, both organizers and content creators can track delivery progress via the Creator Hub.

Example of a content creator's Creator Hub, where all titles sent to various organizations are tracked:

Example of an organizer's Creator Hub, where all titles sent to your event bucket are tracked:

Status updates such as "Awaiting Delivery, "Delivery Received," and "Needs Action From Content Creator" will give content creators and organizers access to the status of the delivery.

Please note that "Needs Action From Content Creator" does not require immediate action from the organizer. Simple DCP will provide detailed information that the content creator can access in their account.

Most followup actions required by the content creator can be accomplished in the Creator Hub by clicking Manage Delivery next to the title in question.

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