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Print with Epson TM-T20III on Windows
Print with Epson TM-T20III on Windows

How to set up and use the Epson ticket printer using a Windows PC.

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Instructions for Windows laptop users for how to set up and use the Epson TM-T20III ticket printer, available for rent from the Eventive Hardware Shop.

Turn on the Printer

First, plug the printer’s power cable and USB cable into the back of the device, and then into your Windows computer. Locate the power switch on the front of the unit and turn the device on. A blue light will appear on the top of the printer to indicate that it is on.

Your computer will not automatically detect this device as a printer. To fix this, go to: Windows Menu > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth and Other Devices. There, you will find the TM-T20III in the "Other Devices" menu.

Download the Advanced Printer Driver

Download the APD 6 for 20III driver here:

Unzip the downloaded folder, then click on APD6_604_T20IIIL to open the application, and select Extract All.

After extraction, click on APD6_604_T20IIIL to install the application.

Open the PDF instructions for detailed instructions.

Add the Printer to your Computer

Click on New Printer and edit the name if desired.

Select USB under "Port Type" in the Communication Settings box.

Click Save Settings, then click Close.

Now you will be able to select the Epson Printer from your computer's list of available printers!

Adjusting Settings

You may need to adjust some settings to have your Eventive tickets print exactly as you would like.

Open the computer's Devices Menu, then go to Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners. Click EPSON TM-T20IIIL Receipt > Manage, in order to edit the printer's default settings.

You may want to adjust the size of the paper or the frequency of the paper cut.

To adjust these settings, open Printing Preferences and adjust the settings to match your desired defaults. See the PDF included in the APD6 advanced printer driver file for more information about specific settings.

Before printing, we suggest you open Additional Settings on your Event Bucket Settings page on the Eventive Dashboard, and select "Generate ticket-sized tickets for printing" under Box Office Settings:

Once you have connected the printer to your computer and applied any desired settings, you will be ready to print tickets!

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