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Print Traffic Process for Content Creators
Print Traffic Process for Content Creators

A guide to accepting content creator invites for the Simple DCP Print Traffic process. Learn how to upload for in-person, theatrical events.

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In this article, we’ll follow the steps to accepting an invitation for the film “Martin Eden” to the event “Nichole Film Fest.”

Content Creator Steps: Filmmaker will receive email to upload film

  • Accept the invite

  • If this is your first time accepting an invitation from Eventive, create your account, login, and click on the blue "Create New Title" button to input your Film’s Title

  • If you already have an account, simply login and click "Manage Delivery"

  • Next you will see this screen with the follow options

  • If you need to have a DCP made please select the “No, I need to have an exhibition print made

  • If you have an existing DCP, Select “Yes, I have an exhibition print (DCP) available” then you will be able to select your preferred delivery method (more info below)

  • For Existing Prints: “How would you like to deliver your existing print?”

    • Upload via web portal (via computer)

    • Mail Physical Drive (please note you will need to pay for shipping)

    • Use print on file with Simple DCP (Simple DCP must already have your film in their servers to use this option)

  • Virtual Screening asset delivery:

    • How would you like to deliver your virtual screening asset:

      • Manually upload a virtual screening asset (filmmaker uploads it directly from computer)

      • Extract and create virtual asset from exhibition print (Upload the print to DCP and they will automatically extract the virtual component)

  • Select the blue Save Delivery Details and Continue ↓

Print Delivery: Launch DCP Upload Portal > will pull up Signiant Upload Page

Virtual Delivery: Upload Virtual Content typical Eventive Virtual Upload Page

If Simple DCP Does NOT Have Your Film on File:

For Print Delivery: After clicking “Yes, Continue” in the Signiant Portal, upload your Film File (you may receive a pop up asking if you’d like to allow Eventive/Signiant access - please accept).

After beginning your film file upload, please do not leave or close out the page until it states “Transfer Complete”

When You Do Not Have a DCP Made Yet:

  • If you do not have a DCP made yet and you need to have an exhibition print made please select “No, I need to have an exhibition print made” then click on the “Request DCP Quote” button on the next page

  • Once you request a DCP quote, you’ll be directed to the page below - please fill out all required information regarding your film upload.

Once completed, Simple DCP will contact you via email to go through any additional steps.

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