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Allow Passholders to Cancel Tickets
Allow Passholders to Cancel Tickets

Configure ticket cancellation options on a per-pass-bucket level.

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Enable self-service ticket cancellation on a per-pass-bucket level for free tickets issued to passholders through Eventive.

How to enable passholder ticket cancellation

  1. Open the pass bucket's Settings page

  2. Check the box next to Ticket cancellation allowed

  3. Passholders are allowed to cancel their tickets anytime up to the start of the event, but if you'd like to specify a cutoff window (for example, they must cancel 24 hours before), enter a value under Cancellation cutoff before event

  4. Click Save

Ticket cancellation instructions

To cancel tickets to a virtual or physical event:

  1. Open your "My Tickets" page by clicking the tickets icon in the top right corner of your screen, or go to [yourevent]

  2. Click Manage (⚙) next to the event for which you'd like to cancel tickets and select Cancel tickets...

  3. Click Cancel Ticket next to the ticket you'd like to cancel

To cancel tickets to a physical event:

  1. Open your ticket QR code page

  2. Click the Cancel Ticket button
    NOTE: On mobile, this button only is accessible after you click the ⚙ menu.


If ticket cancellation doesn't seem to be working for a passholder, make sure:

  • Cancellation is enabled via pass bucket settings

  • The selected cancellation window is valid for the current date

  • The ticket was in fact ordered using a pass & cost the passholder $0.00

To confirm whether a ticket was ordered using a pass and cost the passholder $0, open Orders, click View next to the order in question, and verify the order cost as well as if there's anything written under "Pass Used."

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