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Create an Event with Reserved Seating
Create an Event with Reserved Seating

Add your seat map venue to a physical event to enable reserved seating.

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Once you have created a venue with a seat map, you must add the venue to an event in order to offer reserved seats!

Please note, your seat map must be set up and added to the physical event editor BEFORE you begin issuing or selling tickets for the event!

Create Reserved Seating Ticket Buckets

  1. After creating a physical event, add the seat map-enabled Venue to the physical event editor's Venue field

  2. Scroll down to Ticket Buckets and click Add new ticket bucket for each ticket type you'd like to create

  3. Give each Ticket Bucket a name, price, and select a seat map category

You can create multiple ticket buckets for a single seat map category if you wish. For example, you could offer both a Child Floor ticket and an Adult Floor ticket, which could be two differently-priced ticket buckets, both using seat map category "Floor."

4. Click Save, then you're ready to sell tickets!

Again, the seat map must be created and added to your event BEFORE you start selling tickets! If you issue tickets before the seat map venue is added to the event, you will need to re-issue those tickets so they are properly plotted in the seat map.

How to change a physical event's venue when reserved seating tickets have already been issued:

1. Copy the event and hide it from the public

  • Duplicate the event (leave “Copy of….” in the title)

  • Remove the venue from the event

  • Change the event’s visibility to “Hidden from public”

  • Save changes

2. Update the Copied Event

  • Update the copied event title to “Rescheduled… ” or “Updated...”

  • Add relevant copy to the event description highlighting the event changes

  • Add the new Venue

  • Update the ticket buckets with the new seat map categories

  • Change the event’s visibility to “Visible” once everything is updated correctly

  • Save changes

3. Send a message to ticket holders

  • Create a new Mailing

  • Select the original event as your targeted list

  • Create a Mailing notifying your customers of the changes and that they should expect a follow up email with their exchanged tickets to the new event

  • Send Mailing

4. Exchange tickets for the original event to the new event

  • Navigate to Physical Events on your dashboard

  • Click View next to the original event

  • Click Tickets to see a list of all the ticket holders

  • Click Exchange next to each ticket and exchange each ticket to the new event

5. Hide the original event - DO NOT DELETE THE EVENT

  • Once all tickets have been exchanged, click the Edit button in the upper right corner to go back to the physical event edit page

  • Update the name of the original event to “Archived…”

  • Change the visibility of the event to “Hidden from public”

  • Save changes

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