Generate Paper Ballots

With Eventive Balloting, it's easy to generate printable paper ballots for single films, paired screenings, shorts blocks, and more.

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Instead of - or in addition to - mobile ballots, you can collect and generate printed paper ballots.

To generate paper ballots:

  1. Click Balloting from the lefthand menu on your Dashboard

  2. Click Print ballots

  3. Choose to generate all ballots in your event bucket, or ballots for specific events

  4. Click Print ballots to generate a printable PDF

Paper ballot format

There are two styles of paper ballots generated by Eventive. Ballot style is automatically determined for each event based on the number of films within the event.

1-2 films

For screenings with 1-2 films, ballots are generated with either 8 (for a single film) or 6 (for 2 films) ballots per page.

3+ films

For screenings with 3 or more films, a single ballot is generated that fills the page.

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