Check In Passholders

Use Eventive Check-In to track pass pickups, update passholder information, print passes, and even create new passes on demand.

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Check in passholders, print labels, generate new passes, and more with Eventive Check-In, which is available in every event bucket.

Launch Eventive Check-In

  1. Navigate to your event bucket

  2. Click Pass buckets, and then select Check in passholders

Check in a Passholder

Start typing a passholder's name, select their pass, then click the blue Check In button to mark them as checked in!

You can also edit pass details by clicking Edit Details - perfect for resolving a misspelling or adding supplementary data - and print the pass by clicking the Print button.

Create a New Pass

Use Eventive Check-in to quickly create a new pass on the spot. Use this feature when a sponsor or filmmaker walks up to your pass pickup desk and requests an extra pass!

Start typing the recipient's name in the "Start typing passholder name" field, then select "Create new free pass with name..."

Fill in the required fields in the pop-up window, making sure to specify which Pass Bucket this new pass order will come from.

Click Create Pass, and the new pass will automatically be marked as checked in! Click Print to print the pass and give it to your recipient!

Require Certain Pass Types to Be Checked In

If you wish to require that certain Pass Buckets are checked in before they can be scanned at the door, open the specific Pass Bucket's settings page, then scroll down and click "Show Advanced Settings." Then select Require passes to be checked in using Eventive Check-In before they can be scanned at physical events and click Save Changes! Please note, this setting only applies to passes being used for physical events.

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