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Bulk Import Image Tips
Bulk Import Image Tips

Formatting tips to bulk import images from Google Drive, Dropbox, and AirTable

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Eventive's bulk import templates require links to downloadable images to automatically import all your images at once.

If the links are correctly formatted, you'll see the images in preview. In almost all cases, if the link ends with the specific image file suffix (such as .jpg, .tif, .png) it is a downloadable image link. 

Certain cloud storage platforms have specific formatting requirements: 

Google Drive: 

To convert the Google Drive file's shareable link, which typically appears in this format - - into a downloadable link:

Replace the file/d portion of the shareable link with: uc?id=


Remove /view?usp=sharing

The link will now become ID

For example, this link:

would become:

NOTE: The file sharing settings must be set to "Visible to anyone with the link"


To ensure that a link to a Dropbox file is downloadable, be sure that the Dropbox image URL ends in "dl=0" or "raw=1"


Please note the image links will start with[#X] where the brackets are will be a long key. There will be no .jpg, .png. etc. but it will function as an upload source. The former style of permanent attachment URLs mentioned previously are now defunct. For more information you can visit:

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