Gift Passes and Memberships

Allow passholders to buy passes for other recipients by enabling gift purchases on a pass bucket!

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Your audience will see the option to "Give as a gift" when purchasing a pass after you enable gift passes with the click of a button!

Enable gift purchases

Open the Pass Bucket edit page, scroll down, and select "Allow pass to be purchased as a gift." Don't forget to click Save!

After enabling gift purchases, your audience will see the option to select "Give as a gift" when buying a pass from this Pass Bucket!

You can also link directly to a gift sales page by adding ?gift=true to the Pass Sales Page URL. You can find your Pass Sales Page URL in the General Settings tab:

To share a URL that goes directly to the "Give as Gift" page for this pass, you would copy the URL and add ?gift=true to the end -- for example:

Sharing this URL in a promotional email or on social media is a great way to encourage your audience to buy passes as gifts!

A pop-up window appears after they place their gift order, and they'll see the options to:

  • Download the gift certificate

  • Click “Send to recipient” to email the gift directly to their recipient, with an optional message

  • Click "Copy claim link" to copy the gift URL, which they would then share with their recipient in order to claim their gift

Additionally, after someone purchases a gift pass, they will receive a gift certificate, sent in the form of a PDF attachment via email. The gift certificate has a unique link to redeem the pass, which they can then forward to the gift recipient!

Example confirmation email:

Example PDF gift certificate attachment, which includes the URL your recipient needs to visit to claim their gift pass:

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