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Types of Virtual Screenings
Types of Virtual Screenings

An explanation of the types of virtual screenings you can create with Eventive Virtual.

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When you create a virtual screening, you must select a virtual screening type. Read about each screening type below!

Video on Demand is a screening consisting of films or pre-recorded video content available for viewing at any time during the screening's availability window.

Livestreams are streaming programs that are fed live into Eventive via a custom livestream RTMP link. Livestream events consists of livestreams only, no VOD film content. Livestreams are automatically recorded, and the recorded content becomes available for viewing immediately after the conclusion of the livestream, and remains available until the end of the screening's availability window. Livestreams can include an optional live chat alongside the video stream. Livestream-only events are often used for panels, workshops, and special events. Read more about the three different Livestream modes.

NOTE: Pre-roll and post-roll will not play on Livestream Only virtual screenings.

VOD + Live screenings are a combination of Video On Demand and Livestream events. The same virtual ticket unlock gives your audience access to both the VOD film(s) and a livestream. VOD + Live events are very popular with virtual film festivals, and we often see organizations use this screening type to host a VOD film screening plus a live filmmaker Q&A. Learn more about hosting a VOD + Live event.

Real-Time Broadcast is an optional feature you can add onto a Video On Demand or VOD + Live screening. Eventive Real-Time Broadcasting allows you to run a real-time DRM-protected stream of ingested video-on-demand content. In a Real-Time Broadcast, your VOD content is delivered as a live, scheduled broadcast. Learn more about Real-Time Broadcasting here.

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