All About Premium Livestreams

Add full DRM Protection, full HD (1080p) ABR playback, TV app compatibility, auto-captions, and admin downloads to your livestreams.

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Eventive now offers two livestream modes: Basic and Premium!

You'll select the mode for each livestream scheduled in your Livestreaming Hub:

What are the differences between Basic and Premium livestreams?

Premium livestreams cost your organization $10/hour, plus:

  • $0.99 DRM unlock fee on Livestream-only events

  • $1.49 DRM unlock fee on VOD + Live events

Unlock fees are incurred each time an audience member enters the livestream, and the $10/hour fee is charged per Premium livestream program.

For example, a 2-hour Premium livestream would cost your organization $20, plus DRM unlock fees.

Resolution: Premium livestreams are high definition, with resolution capabilities of up to 1080p.

Security: Premium livestreams are secured by DRM-protected streaming, hence the application of the DRM unlock fee.

Bitrate: Premium livestreams have a fully adaptive bitrate for better playback. We re-encode the livestream on our end to generate a resolution bitrate ladder.

HD Export: Your organization will receive a free high definition export of the livestream to keep for your records.

TV App Support: Premium livestreams can be viewed on our Eventive TV Apps, including Roku, Apple TV, Firestick, and more.

Live Captions: Automatic live captions are included with Premium livestreams to make your livestreams as accessible as possible, for no extra charge.

Have questions about starting your livestream? Be sure to watch this video about setting up your livestream and read through our Livestream Guide.

NOTE: Up to $100 of Premium Livestream tests are included in your annual activation. Any testing of Premium Livestreams that exceeds $100 will be added to your invoice.

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