Create a Schedule for Virtual Screenings

Enable the schedule feature for your virtual event by following these steps.

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You have two options when it comes to adding Virtual Screenings to your Event Bucket's Schedule page.

You may have selected "Schedule publicly visible" on your Event Bucket settings page, and yet, when you go to your Schedule page, you see this:

This is because you must manually add Virtual Screenings to the Schedule! There are two options for doing this.

Option 1: Open Eventive Virtual Settings on your Event Bucket Settings page, and select "Display virtual screenings in native schedule alongside physical events."

Click Save Changes! Your Virtual Screenings will now appear on your Schedule page.

Option 2: Add your Virtual Screenings to the Schedule by making Physical Events for each of your Virtual Screenings.

1. Navigate to Virtual Screenings on the left side menu, then click the Download All button under the list of all your virtual screenings.

2. Navigate to Physical Events on the left side menu, then click Bulk Import.

3. Follow the steps to bulk import the .CSV file of your Virtual Screenings into Physical Events. You will copy relevant information - ie. screening title, films, tags - from your Virtual Screening spreadsheet into the Bulk Import Physical Events spreadsheet.

Do not include any commas, quotation marks, or other non-alphanumeric symbols in your film or screening title columns. You can edit the physical events to add any symbols to the titles after you've bulk imported them.

NOTE: Copy the dates/times listed in the "Local_Start_Time" and "Local_End_Time" columns (columns D + E) from your Virtual Screening spreadsheet into the "Start Time" And "End Time" columns in your Physical Events spreadsheet. The "Start_Time" and "End_Time" columns (columns F + G) in the Virtual Screening spreadsheet are formatted in a way that will not be recognized in the Physical Events spreadsheet.

4. Once you've created Physical Events for your Virtual Screenings, go through each new Physical Event's edit page, and select "Sell tickets via external site"

5. Under "External tickets URL," add the link to the corresponding Virtual Screening's Watch Page, ie.

In other words, if you create a Physical Event for the Virtual Screening of Cool Movie, in the Physical Event record for Cool Movie, you will add the URL to Cool Movie's Virtual Watch page under "Sell tickets on external site."

If you do this, it's best to make sure there is no ticket bucket on the physical event itself.

6. Repeat Steps 4 + 5 for each of your new Physical Event records.


You will have a schedule page - [yourevent] - featuring your Virtual Events! When your audience clicks "Order Tickets," they will be brought to the Virtual Watch page for that film, where they can order virtual tickets!

NOTE: After creating the physical copy of a virtual screening, the film's information page will show two screening options -- one for the virtual screening, and one for the physical duplicate. Even though the "Order Tickets" button will take users to the same place (see step 4 above), if you don't want the physical event to appear as a screening option, make each physical event an Other Event instead of a Film Screening. Creating Other Events will require that you enter the film information manually on each physical event edit page.

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