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Bulk Import Physical Events
Bulk Import Physical Events

Quickly import physical events into Eventive via a spreadsheet.

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In addition to creating events one-by-one via the Dashboard, you can also bulk create physical events using the Bulk Import wizard.

Looking to bulk import virtual screenings? Click here for instructions.

Bulk Import Physical Events

1. Select your event bucket from the Dashboard, click "Physical Events" in the lefthand navigation, and then click "Bulk import events"

2. Click "Download template" to download the required import template spreadsheet. Do NOT skip this step or use your own template!

3. Fill in the spreadsheet with your event details, using a new row for each event, ensuring you do not modify the header row/column titles in any way.

Other than Name, Films, Start Time, and End Time, no other column is mandatory. Do not delete columns -- rather, just leave any irrelevant columns blank.

4. Back on the Bulk Import Events page, click the space that says "Drop spreadsheet here, or click to select," select the completed spreadsheet from your desktop, then click "Preview Import."

5. Inspect the preview to ensure that all events were processed correctly. If anything looks wrong, edit your spreadsheet, and then upload and preview it again.

6. Once you're satisfied, check the box to confirm that you're ready to import the events and click "Start import."

7. Once imported, you will see your list of bulk imported physical events in the Physical Events section of your event bucket Dashboard!

Spreadsheet Format Guide

There are a number of columns in the spreadsheet. Aside from name/films, start time, and end time, no other column is mandatory. Do NOT delete columns or modify column titles -- rather, just leave any irrelevant columns blank.

  • Name: Name for the event.

  • Films: A comma-separated list of films that are screening as part of the event. Leave empty if this is not a film screening. Titles must match exactly. If the title contains commas, you will need to surround the film title in quotation marks.

    In this example, the title "Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret." is wrapped in quotation marks. Without the quotation marks, the system would interpret 'Are You There God? It's Me' as one film and 'Margaret.' as another film. To add another film to this double feature, a comma is used after the closing quotation mark before the second film title is added. The second film, Mary and Max, doesn't require quotation marks. You can edit the titles after importing them if needed.

  • Start time: Start time of the event, in the format M/D/YYYY HH:MM, ie. 7/5/2018 9:00 for 9 AM or 7/5/2018 15:00 for 3 PM. Note: A common error is writing 3:00pm instead of 15:00. You must use twenty-four hour time.

  • End time: End time of the event, in the same format as the start time, ie. 19:00.

  • Venue: Name of the venue for the event. If you use a venue name that does not already exist in Eventive, it will automatically be created.

  • Tags: Comma-separated list of tags to add to the event. If you use a tag that does not already exist in Eventive, it will automatically be created.

  • Ticket bucket name: Name for the first ticket bucket of the event.

  • Ticket bucket price: Price for the first ticket bucket, in the format $X.XX, ie. $13.00

  • Ticket bucket quantity: Quantity of tickets to make available. If left blank and a venue is specified, that venue's default capacity will be used.

  • Description: Description shown on event page.

  • Short description: Short description used for list view, social sharing, etc. If not specified, will default to description.

  • Trailer URL: URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video to embed as event trailer.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Have you made sure the header rows (column titles) are not modified from the original template?

  • Have you made sure your spreadsheet does not contain any empty rows / blank lines?

Having Trouble?

If you're having any issues - formatting the spreadsheet, getting data to appear properly, etc. - please send us a message!

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