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Create Physical Events

Use Physical Events to build your schedule of in-person film screenings and events.

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Physical events can be ticketed or non-ticketed, RSVP-required or walk-up-only. Add descriptions, venue information, tags, and more.

Physical events are instantly synced and populated across your Schedule page, Box Office, Scanners, and more!

Create physical events for film screenings, shorts programs, parties, panels, and more!

Watch our Creating Physical Events video!

Open the Physical Event Editor

  1. Select your event bucket from the Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Physical Events in the lefthand navigation

  3. Click Create New Event

Choose the Event Type

Physical Events can be a Film Showing, Other Event, or Undated Event.

To create a Film Showing, you will need to first create a film. Then, go back to the Physical Event, select Film Showing and add the film(s) playing at the screening to the Films dropdown menu.

Film Showings can include any number of films. Add multiple films to create a shorts program!

Other Events are great for workshops, panels, parties, and other non-film events! 

Undated Events are used for displaying and selling access to activities or items without a specific time or date attached. For instance, you can sell merchandise by selling a t-shirt as an Undated Event, or create an Undated Event to sell tickets to a permanent exhibit. Undated Events are always displayed at the top of your Schedule page.

Add Event Information

  • Event Name: Name of the event or screening, which is displayed on your Schedule, on your Admin Dashboard, and more.

  • Start and End time: Add the scheduled start and end date/time here. Click "Schedule Event Recurrence" if the screening/event has several scheduled dates/times. Not applicable for Undated Events.

  • Description: Select "Add additional description" if you wish to write a description for the event, beyond the description that will be pulled from any film(s) tied to this event.You can insert fully custom HTML by clicking "Switch to raw editor."

  • Short description: This option appears if you select "Add additional description." It will appear in the Schedule "extended view" and in social media sharing. If nothing is added here, we'll use the beginning of the long Description.

  • Venue: Select the venue where this event will be taking place. You must first create the venue using the venue editor.

  • Tags: Add an unlimited number of tags to categorize the events in your Schedule. You must first create the tags using the tag editor.

  • Cover image: Displayed at the top of the event page. Recommend size: 960px wide x 380px high -- you can crop images after uploading.

  • Visibility: Leave "Visible (if schedule is enabled)" to leave this event on your public Schedule. If you wish to hide the event, select either "Hidden from public" or "Show as To Be Announced," which will create an entry on your Schedule that shows only the scheduled start/end times.

Enable Event Recurrence

To create recurring instances of an event - for example, to schedule multiple showings of a film - click "Schedule event recurrence" below the start/end time selectors. 

In the event recurrence pop-up, you will set opening and closing dates for the run of the event. You'll then add as many showtimes as you like and select the days of the week that will include that showtime. 

If an event has been created as a recurring event, a recurrence symbol (see image below) will display next to the showtime on your Schedule. 

When you edit a recurring event, you will have the option to edit just one instance, or make changes that apply to all recurring instances.


The visibility setting only affects your customer-facing Schedule page. You can always view all events in your Box Office and Eventive Dashboard.

  • Visible: The event will be displayed in the Schedule

  • Hidden from Public: The event will not appear in the Schedule

  • Show as To Be Announced: The event will take up a space in the Schedule, and its start & end times will be shown, but all other details - ie. film title and description - will be hidden

Custom Confirmation Email Message

To add custom text to order confirmation emails for a specific physical event, do so by selecting "Add custom message to confirmation email" here! The text you add here will override anything you write in the Misc Tab of the Configurator.

Passholder Tickets

Specify if passholders are required to reserve tickets to this event in advance. By default, respects the global event bucket setting.

  • Require passholder ticket reservation in advance: When scanning passes at the door, if the pass has not ordered a ticket, an error will be shown and the passholder will be denied entry.

  • Do not require advance reservation: If a pass is scanned at the door and the passholder has not yet ordered a ticket, an Instant Ticket will be automatically created and added to the passholder's account and the passholder will be allowed to enter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: An Instant Ticket can ONLY be generated if the passholder is eligible for a ticket to the event (by being targeted with a pass rule). Otherwise, an error will be shown.


  • Hide "Order Tickets" button: Select this if you don't want to allow reservations and don't want to show the "non-ticketed event" button.

  • Custom label for "Order Tickets" button: Select this to change the text of the "Order Tickets" button to say whatever you'd like.

  • Require customer mailing address: Select this to require that customers enter their mailing address at checkout. If enabled, a mailing address field will appear in your Box Office when an order is placed for this screening.

  • Require customer phone number: Select this to require that customers enter their phone number at checkout. If enabled, a phone number field will appear in your Box Office when an order is placed for this screening.

  • Sales locked - Require customers to enter a discount code in order to buy tickets: Select this to require that customers enter a discount code in order to purchase a ticket.

  • Sell tickets on external site: Select this and enter the URL of your external ticketing site, if applicable. Use this to transform the "Order Tickets" button into a link to an external website.

  • Require agreement to a waiver/terms of use before placing order: Select this to create a waiver message that your audience must acknowledge before placing their order. This is a great place to include when your audience must be in line and any other policies.

Ticket Buckets

Add at least one ticket bucket to the event if you wish to sell or issue tickets, whether free or paid! If no ticket buckets are added, the event will be listed as a "non-ticketed event". Read our guide to creating ticket buckets.

Pass Rules Overrides

If an event requires different pass rules from the general rules set in pass bucket settings, use Pass Rules Overrides to set custom discount rules for particular Pass types. If any rules are added to Pass Rules Override, all rules configured via pass bucket settings will be IGNORED for the event!

Learn more about Pass Rules Overrides.

Watch our Creating Physical Events video!

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