Pass Rules Override

Use Pass Rules Override on a screening to create exceptions to the Pass Rules you've set up in your Pass Bucket settings.

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In addition to creating Pass Rules to configure each of your Passes in Pass Bucket Settings, when creating a screening, you will see the option to add a Pass Rules Override at the bottom of the settings page.

If a specific event requires different pass rules from the general rules set in pass bucket settings, use Pass Rules Override to set custom discount rules for particular Pass types. If any rules are added to Pass Rules Override, all rules configured via pass bucket settings will be IGNORED for the event!

Do not use Pass Rules Override to create Pass Rules.

Rather, use Pass Rules Override to make an exception to what you've set in Pass Rules.

Say you've set your All Access Pass to give 100% off all tickets, but you want All Access Passholders to only get 50% off tickets to Opening Night Film.

In pass bucket settings, you could create two Pass Rules -- the first rule would give 100% off all ticket buckets but you'd add Opening Night under "Ticket Buckets To Exclude," then a second rule that gives 50% off Opening Night...


You could leave the Pass Rule as 100% off All Ticket Buckets, then go to the Opening Night Film event/screening edit page, click Add Pass Rules Override, select All Access Pass and write 50% under "Result."

To make the Pass Rules Override apply to multiple Pass Buckets, add multiple Pass Buckets under Target, or select "Apply to All Ticket Buckets." You can also create multiple Pass Rules Overrides by clicking ADD NEW RULE.

If you don't specify any Pass Buckets or Targets in the Pass Rules Override, ALL of the Pass Rules in all of your Pass Buckets will be overridden (canceled!) for that screening.

If you've created a Ticket Pack Pass which gives access to a set number of tickets, but you want to exclude free screenings from the tickets included with the Pass, you can create a Pass Rules Override on the free screenings.

Go to the settings pages for your free screenings, click Add New Rule under Pass Rules Overrides, add the Ticket Pack Pass Bucket, and click Save.

Do this in order for tickets to that screening to not count as a Pass use.

Remember: if anything is added to Pass Rules Override on a screening, ALL RULES configured via Pass Bucket settings will be IGNORED for this event!

Check out our Pass Bucket Troubleshooting article for more information.

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