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Pass Bucket Troubleshooting

Tips and tricks for common pass bucket and pass rule errors.

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Below are our tips and tricks for creating common pass types, and solutions to errors you may be experiencing.

After you've read our resources on Creating Your First Pass Bucket, Creating Pass Rules for Ticket and Pass orders, and watching our Creating Pass Buckets video, you may have questions that need troubleshooting.

Create an All Access Pass

Below are the pass rules you should set to create an All Access Pass, which gives 100% off ALL ticket orders at your event.

This video shows you exactly how to create an All Access Pass.

Type: Ticket Orders

Target: Apply to all ticket buckets

Result: 100 percent off

Use restrictions: Only allow on ticket per event per pass

We highly suggest selecting the box next to Only allow one ticket per event per pass. Selecting this box ensures that passholders cannot redeem multiple free tickets to a single event or screening.

Want this All Access rule to apply to most but not all of your screenings? Keep "Apply to All Ticket Buckets" selected, then use the "Ticket Buckets to Exclude" and/or "Tags to Exclude" sections to add the ticket buckets and screenings to exclude in this Pass Rule.

For example, if there is a private event that you do not want All Access Passholders to have access to, simply add the private event's ticket bucket to the Ticket buckets to exclude section. Now the All Access Pass will allow free tickets to all events except that excluded event.

Want to this rule to apply to just a few screenings? Specify the Ticket Buckets, Tags, and/or Venues to include in this pass rule instead of selecting "Apply to All Ticket Buckets."

NOTE: Venues only apply to physical (non-virtual) events.

Create a Ticket Pack Pass

Below are the pass rules you should set to create a Pass that allows a specific number of free tickets, ie. a 5 Ticket Pack Pass:

Type: Ticket orders

Target: Apply to all ticket buckets

Result: 100 percent off

Use restrictions: Only allow one ticket per event per pass

Total number of tickets per pass: 5

Set up your Pass Rules like a standard All Access Pass, then specify a number under "Total number of tickets per pass." This will allow audience members with this Pass type to get up to X number of ticket for free using their Pass.

If there are screenings or events that you want to exclude from the number of tickets allowed with a Ticket Pack Pass - for instance, you don't want free tickets to be deducted from the "Total number of tickets per pass" - simply add the ticket buckets you wish to exclude under "Ticket Buckets to Exclude."

If any of your events include a companion ticket:

You must exclude companion ticketed events from the Pass Rules on a pass that allows a specific number of tickets, or else the companion tickets will be deducted from the pass's ticket allotment.

To ensure that companion tickets aren't included in the number of total tickets allowed on a Ticket Pack Pass, add all the ticket buckets to the companion ticket screenings under "Ticket Buckets to Exclude."

In other words, if an unlock of Movie A gets a companion ticket to Movie B, add the Movie B ticket bucket under Ticket Buckets to Exclude.

Create a Separate Ticket Bucket for Passholders

You may want Passholder tickets to be pulled from a ticket bucket other than the ticket bucket used for standalone tickets.

Here's how to do that:

1. Go to the screening's edit page

2. Scroll down and click ADD NEW TICKET BUCKET

3. A new ticket bucket will appear under the existing ticket bucket(s). Change the new ticket bucket name to something that indicates the ticket bucket is for passholder reservations (ie. "Passholder Ticket").

4. Click "Restrict ordering to certain pass buckets only" on the new ticket bucket, then select the pass(es) you wish to include under "Allowed pass buckets"

5. Click Save Changes, then go back to the pass bucket's Pass Rules page and make sure the new ticket bucket is listed under "Ticket buckets to include" if "Apply to All Ticket Buckets" is not selected.

Create a Pass-Only Event

To create a pass-only event when your Event Bucket Mode is set to Default, go to the screening's settings page, and under "Standalone Tickets," uncheck the box that says "Use default event bucket setting." Then select "Disable standalone tickets sales (only allow passholders)."

All events in your event bucket will be pass-only if your Event Bucket Mode is set to Pass Only on your Event Bucket settings page.

Create a private pass

To create a Pass that isn't available for public sale, such as a Filmmaker Pass, simply do not add the pass to the Passes Tab in the Configurator.

Make sure that "Visible for Sale in Box Office" is left selected on the Pass Bucket's general settings page. This does not mean your Pass will be visible for sale on your public-facing site! Selecting "Visible for Sale in Box Office" will enable you to issue Passes to the recipient(s) using your internal Box Office.

If passes aren't displaying on your Buy Passes page

Launch Configurator, click the Passes Tab, then make sure all the Passes you want visible for sale are selected in the "Passes to Display" box.

If the Passes button isn't displaying on your Menu

Are you sure that your event bucket mode is set to either Default or Pass Only? If your event bucket mode is Standalone Tickets Only, the option to buy or use passes will not appear anywhere on your site.

If your Pass isn't working as planned, please read through these common errors:

If you do NOT select "Apply to All Ticket Buckets" AND do NOT specify any ticket buckets, venues, or tags to include, the Pass will not work.

You might have set up everything on the General Pass settings page, but didn't click on the Pass Rules tab.

No Pass Rules? Your Pass won't work.

Is "Allow passholders to order tickets online" selected on your Event Bucket Settings page? If not, NONE of the Passes in your Event Bucket will work!

Is "Enable ticket orders" selected on the Pass Bucket's General Settings page selected? If not, that Pass Bucket will NOT work!

Is "disallow concurrent uses" selected on your Pass Bucket General Settings page?

If yes, and you have virtual screenings with overlapping (or identical) availability windows and/or physical screenings that start/end at the same (or overlapping) times, passholders cannot order tickets to screenings with overlapping availability windows. Fix this by unselecting "disallow concurrent uses"

Is a Pass working for some screenings but not all? Go to the screening that's having problems and check:

Is "Sales Locked" selected? It should NOT be selected if you want your audience to unlock tickets.

Is "Public for online customer orders" selected on your ticket bucket(s)? If not, no one will be able to unlock tickets.

Did you add anything under Pass Rules Override on a screening's settings page?

If anything is added here, ALL RULES configured via Pass Bucket settings will be IGNORED for this event!

CLICK REMOVE - even if there is nothing entered in the spaces, like in the screenshot below.

Only use Pass Rules Override to make an exception to what you've set in Pass Rules.

Use the Box Office to test that your Pass Rules are working correctly!

Add a ticket to the Box Office order, select "Passholder Reservation," add a Pass name.

For example, I want to make sure that the 100% discount Pass Rules I set up for Fun Film Pass works. So I add a ticket to the screening, click Passholder Reservation, then start typing "Fun Film Pass" under "Pass Name."

When I select one of those Fun Film Passes, I see that the price for the ticket is discounted to 100% off, confirming that my Pass Rule works!

Don't miss our Creating Pass Buckets video!

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