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Create Pass Rules to Order Other Passes
Create Pass Rules to Order Other Passes

Create pass rules that specify how customers can use their passes to order other passes.

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Use Pass Rules to set up the benefits for each pass bucket. Create pass rules for pass orders to allow passholders to redeem additional passes at a discounted or free rate.

Looking to create a pass that gives free or discounted tickets? Click here to read about creating pass rules for ticket orders.

Watch our Creating Pass Buckets video!

Add a Pass Rule

To create or edit pass rules, select Pass Rules from the blue bar at the top of the Pass Bucket settings page, then click Add new rule.

Create an unlimited number of pass rules and they will be combined, or "stacked." For example, a 50% off discount from one rule + a 25% off discount from another = 75% off total. Pass rules are applied in order, so you can control a cascade of benefits however you choose to design them.

Pass Rule Type

Under "Type," you'll specify whether the pass rule will apply to Ticket orders - for free or discounted access to tickets (learn more about Ticket Order pass rules here), or Pass orders - if the pass entitles users to discounted or free access to buy other passes.

Pass Rule Target

Under "Target," you will specify to which pass buckets the rule should be applied.

Select Apply to all pass buckets, or specify the pass buckets that this rule will apply to in the dropdown menu.

For example, if all passholders from Cool Pass Bucket can receive 50% off purchases of Awesome Pass Bucket, you would specify Awesome Pass Bucket as the "target" from the dropdown menu.

Pass Rule Result

You MUST specify a result in this section, or the pass rule will have no effect on the price of buying other passes. Select either:

  • Percent off (0 - 100) of the list price for selected passes

  • Dollars off of the list price for selected passes

Only add one result! If you add a number under "Percent off," leave the "Dollars off" line blank.

Use Restrictions

  • Number of target passes per pass: Limit the number of passes that can be ordered with this pass rule. If you leave the line blank, passholders can use this pass to redeem an unlimited number of discounted passes.

Virtual Screening Restrictions

Select "Bypass geographic restrictions" if you've created any Ticket Order pass rules and want this pass to unlock tickets for all virtual screenings regardless of any geographic restrictions in place. Learn more here.

Global Rule

Checking this box allows you to apply this pass rule to event buckets other than the one in which it was created. This is especially useful for applying membership benefits added in membership event buckets to a specific year's festival or event.

Next Up

Create as many pass rules as you'd like, and make sure you Save each one. You can always modify/delete rules as desired.

If you've just finished creating a pass, you'll probably want to list it for sale on your public site! Learn how.

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