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Sell Passes

Use the Eventive Configurator to customize the display and sale of passes to consumers.

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After creating a pass bucket, you can start selling passes using the Box Office, adding the pass to your public Passes page, or by sharing a direct link to the pass bucket.

Add Passes to your Public Pass Sale Page

If you'd like a pass to appear publicly for sale on your Eventive Passes page - [yourevent] - you'll need to use the Passes tab in the Eventive Configurator.

  1. Launch the Configurator from your event bucket settings page

  2. Click on the Passes tab

  3. Select the pass buckets you'd like to list for sale under Passes to Display

Learn more in our article about the Passes Tab!

Sell Passes by Sharing a Direct Purchase Link

Copy the URL found on the pass bucket settings page and share the link with anyone looking to buy this pass. This is a great option for only allowing a select group of people access to a pass that you do not want to list as publicly available for sale.

Sell Passes Using the Box Office

Use your internal Box Office to sell passes or issue free passes to audience members.

Add a Pass to the Box Office order, enter the recipient's email address, then click Place Order!

Learn more about placing orders in the Box Office here.

Have questions about creating passes? Read our Pass Bucket Troubleshooting article!

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