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Create an Online Shop

Use Eventive for online merchandise sales, as well as processing online orders for submissions and other sales.

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In addition to using Item Buckets to sell concessions and merchandise via your Box Office, you can use Undated Events to display and sell items on your Eventive site!

In order to create an online shop on your Eventive Native site, you must make each item its own Physical Event.

How to create an online shop on Eventive

1. Create a new Event Bucket (ie. "Fun Fest Online Shop") or use the Physical Events section of your current event bucket.

2. Create a new Physical Event

3. Select Undated Event then write the name of the item under "Event Name"

4. Add an image to the Description section

5. Add any applicable additional details, such as a Short Description, Venue, Tags, or Cover Image

If you would like to create a custom Online Shop Venue or custom Tags such as "T-Shirt" or "Merch" you can do so by clicking Venue and Tags on the left side of your screen under your Event Bucket.

6. Ensure that standalone ticket sales are enabled, customize the Order Tickets button to say "Purchase Item," and click "Require customer mailing address" if you plan to mail customer purchases!

7. Create a ticket bucket

Include the item name, price, the quantity available, and if you're selling an item that has various sizes, select "Sell additional variants of this ticket bucket" and add your sizes with prices (see the above for an example).

8. Click Save Changes and repeat this process for each item you're selling

9. Once all items are set up as Physical Events, go back to the Event Bucket in which your events are taking place (which may be the same Event Bucket in which you created Physical Events)

10. Open the Configurator and in the General tab, change "Term to use for 'schedule'" to "Online Shop"

11. Go to the Welcome tab of the Configurator, add a button and label it "Online Shop," then add the URL to your schedule page for the Event Bucket containing your online shop - [yourevent]

12. Click Save! Your Online Shop site is now live on your Eventive Native site!

Download customer mailing addresses:

Navigate to People, which is located toward the bottom of the left side menu on your Dashboard:

Click EXPORT CSV. The downloaded file will contain the mailing address of every customer who was required to provide it at checkout.

Alternatively, you can find each customer's mailing address by going to their Person page and click EDIT DETAILS.

Learn more about collecting attendee data here.

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