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Download Ticket Sales and Attendee Data
Download Ticket Sales and Attendee Data

View ticket sale insights and export the list of attendees for each of your Virtual Screenings and Physical Events.

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Download the list of attendees for a specific screening or event, and keep track of ticket sale data in real time by using a screening's "View" page!

Navigate to either Virtual Screenings or Physical Events, then click "View" next to the event you want to collect data from:

Screenshot of a single line on the Physical Events or Virtual Screenings listing. On the far right of the line there is a link called "View". Clicking the "View" link will take you to the Event or Screenings Insights page where you can find ticket sales and attendee data.

This screening has sold 13 of 700 available tickets, but when we click "View," we're going to get detailed ticket sales information across 3 tabs: the Insights tab, Tickets tab, and Exports tab.

Insights Tab:

Screenshot of a Virtual Screening's Insights Page. At the top of the page is the title of the film, and the availability restrictions. To the right of the title are three buttons ; "copy public link", "view live" and "edit". Beneath the title there is a blue bar containing three links; "insights", "tickets" and "exports". Beneath the links to insights, tickets and exports is a summary of the number of tickets sold - this data is further broken down into passholder tickets, complimentary tickets and standalone ticket sales along with the net revenue for standalone ticket sales. Beneath this sales summary is a table showing the total sales per ticket bucket.

Tickets Issued: Number of paid and free tickets issued, designated as a fraction based on the quantity of tickets you set in the screening's ticket bucket(s). If the quantity is Unlimited, the denominator will appear as an infinity symbol.

Passholder Tickets: Number of tickets unlocked via a passholder reservation.

Comp Tickets: Number of complimentary, or free, tickets issued.

Standalone Tickets: Number of paid non-passholder tickets issued.

Net Standalone Ticket Sales: The proceeds from paid tickets to this screening after all fees have been taken out.

Event Insights: The numbers reflected above, but in a percentage form.

Ticket Bucket Table

There's also a table breaking down ticket sales from each individual ticket bucket. Click "Show sales channels" to expand the details:

Screenshot of the Ticket Bucket table. This table shows the total sales by ticket bucket  including quantity of tickets sole, pass tickets, complimentary tickets, standalone tickets, gross revenue, net revenue, fees, deferred fees, tax collected, cash, check and credit sales. At the bottom of this insights page is a download button which allows you to export this report as a CSV. Beneath the download button there is a checkbox that allows you to further breakdown the information in the ticket bucket table by sales channels - dividing the sales into web sales and box office sales.

This screening has 2 ticket buckets:

"Virtual Admission - General" and "Virtual Admission - Student"

Web: Tickets issued via your Eventive ticket sales page.

Box Office / Rush: Tickets issued via your internal Box Office or Rush Line.

The Quantity, Pass, Comps, and Standalone columns reflect the same numbers as the numbers at the top of this page.

Gross: Ticket sale proceeds before fees are taken out.

Net: Ticket sale proceeds after fees are taken out.

Fees: Transaction fees and DRM unlock fees (for virtual screenings). Learn more here.

Deferred Fees: DRM unlock fees incurred on free virtual ticket orders, including tickets unlocked using a pass. Learn more here.

Click Download (.CSV) to download this table as a spreadsheet file!

Tickets Tab:

Screenshot of the Tickets Tab. The tickets tab is found by clicking the "tickets" link in the center blue bar at the top of the insights page beneath the screening title. The tickets tab shows a graph of ticket sales by date, a summary of the number of tickets issued, the number of tickets scanned and the number of passholder tickets that have been scanned. Beneath these totals is a table listing all of the ticketholders.

Click the Tickets tab to see a graph of ticket sales over time, as well as insights on how many tickets have been scanned (at the door for physical events, or unlocked in your virtual theater for virtual screenings).

Scanned tickets are displayed as total tickets scanned as well as passholder tickets scanned -- this is a great way to verify whether your passholders are showing up!

Ticket Holder Table

Scroll down and you'll see a detailed table of all issued tickets!

Use the arrows at the top of each column to arrange the table by Person, Pass Used, Order Date, Unlock Status, etc. in ascending or descending order.

Screenshot of ticketholders table from left to right this table shows the ticketholder's name, the pass used for their order, the ticket bucket, the order date, the ticket's scan date, the unlock status (for virtual screenings) and action buttons for Transfers, Exchanges and Deletions.

TIP: Looking for a specific audience member? Click "Type to filter" in the top left corner to search for their name.

Person: Audience member's name.

Pass Used: Name of Pass used, if applicable. This does not reflect the Pass Bucket Name - rather, it's the name the audience member added to the Pass. If the ticket was purchased without a Pass, it will say "n/a".

TIP: Click the little link icons and you'll be taken to the audience member's Person Page, Pass Page, or Order Page!

Ticket Bucket: Name of the ticket bucket this ticket was purchased from.

Order Date: Date and time of the ticket purchase. Click the link icon to go to the full Order Page.

Scan Date: Date and time when the audience member had their ticket scanned at the physical event, or unlocked their ticket on your virtual screening page.

TIP: Sort the table by Scan Date to easily check who has and hasn't used their ticket!

Unlock Status: For virtual screenings only.

  • Viewing Complete: The audience member has watched the screening.

  • Expired: Date and time that the ticket became invalid, due to the screening's availability, unlock, or watch window closing.

  • Not Yet Watched: The ticket has not been scanned yet.

  • Unlocked until: Date and time that the ticket will expire due to the unlock window closing.

  • Never Watched: The ticket was never scanned and the unlock window has closed. This ticket can no longer be used unless you reach out to us.

Exports Tab:

Go to the Exports tab to download this screening's list of attendees, list of issued tickets, or a list of attendees whose tickets have been scanned! You can also download all ledger transactions for the event, which includes tickets as well as associated inline donations, plus purchaser name and email.

Screenshot of the exports section. The exports section can be reached from the insights page by clicking the "Exports" link located on the right hand side of the blue bar located at the top of the insights page just beneath the title. Screenshot shows the buttons for the following export options listed in order: Download Attendees List (PDF), Download Attendees List (CSV), Download All Tickets (PDF), Download Scanned Attendees (CSV) and Download All Ledger Transactions (CSV).

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