Eventive Advanced Antipiracy

Invisible forensic watermarking is now included on all virtual film content uploaded into Eventive, along with complete multi-DRM protection

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Designed to stay ahead of ever-increasing piracy threats, Eventive Advanced Antipiracy is the most rigorous content security program for mass film streaming ever deployed.

In addition to DRM measures, every full-length film uploaded and streamed via Eventive is now secured with a Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark, identifying each individual user and session. Any unauthorized use can be traced right back to the source, and a pre-roll piracy warning will alert users that their unique stream can be tracked.

Eventive is the only virtual cinema platform to protect every single screening with an invisible forensic watermark using Nagra NexGuard technology at no additional cost. This is protection that was previously only available to select screenings at a much higher price.

Eventive continues to offer enhanced bitstream, burn-in, and overlay watermarking, as well as more rigorous options for audience access and admin access including multi-factor authentication and single sign-on.

For screenings that require a higher level of protection, we offer the following optional measures:

  • Block software-level DRM – Require users to view content only on native browser or proprietary TV apps.

  • Two Factor Authentication – Require users to be authenticated via SMS or phone call in order to access their screening. This costs an additional $0.25 per DRM unlock.

Visible overlay watermarking continues to be available by request for a single screening or all your screenings at no additional cost, as well as session specific and user specific burn-in watermarking. Learn more here, or send us a message for more information!

Advanced Antipiracy FAQs

Are invisible watermarks retroactively added to content ingested prior to February 1, 2021?

No, invisible watermark will only be added to film content ingested on or after February 1, 2021. If you wish to add watermark to content ingested prior to February 1, please send us a message.

Is the invisible watermark specific to the event bucket, specific screening, or specific film?

The invisible watermark will be added to each individual film uploaded into Eventive, whether it's a short or feature, and it will be unique to each user's unique screening session.

Are there any privacy concerns for the viewer?

Not at all. Your audience's experience will be no different than it was before Eventive Advanced Antipiracy was implemented.

Can the audience see anything?

No, the invisible watermark is truly invisible! The one thing they'll see is a pre-roll piracy warning before the film starts, alerting audiences that their unique stream can be tracked.

Is the invisible watermark added to films regardless of the type of audience member (ie. press, ticket holder, jury, filmmakers, etc.)?

Yes! The invisible watermark is added upon ingestion of all film content. It does not vary based on screening type, type of audience or passholder, or anything else. All new virtual screenings will now include invisible forensic watermarking for all audiences.

In what case would you use visible watermarking now?

Adding visible watermark to a film remains an option for organizations that wish to add another layer of antipiracy measures. For example, an organization may wish to add a visible watermark to exclusive press or jury screenings to remind their audience of the sensitive nature of the screening.

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