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Host Virtual Homecoming, Commencement & Reunion Events on Eventive
Host Virtual Homecoming, Commencement & Reunion Events on Eventive

Universities, colleges, and schools around the globe can use Eventive for virtual homecomings, commencements, reunions, and more!

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Step One: Plan Your Program

Livestream your special events! Host a live virtual concert with your glee club, marching band or best a cappella ensembles; livestream your Baccalaureate or Commencement address; or host live conversations with prominent alumni, major donors and special guests during Reunions! Your audience can send in comments through the chat, making it an interactive event to remember.

Host a Real Time broadcast of a film made by students or alumni, or a recorded performance by students in the music, dance, and theater departments. Invite your attendees to interact in the chat for a fun watch party!

Or you can offer a collection of VOD content for your students, alumni and families to explore at their own pace--a great way to remind them of the great work you’re doing all year!

Host a combination of these event types using our VOD + Live option! Learn more about creating virtual events here or check out our watch site for inspiration from other organizations on the platform!

Step Two: Highlight Event Sponsors (Campus Centers, Departments, and more)

There is plenty of real estate on our virtual screening pages for you to thank co-sponsoring organizations or grants supporting your work. You can create different tiers of sponsorship that correspond with different levels of exposure on the page, highlight them in the event pre-roll, or even name events after your biggest supporters. Learn more here.

Step Three: Sell Tickets

You can make your event free and collect donations at checkout, encourage people to give a bit more with “Pay What You Can,” or sell different ticket levels that grant special access to additional content or events. This is an especially great option for programming around Homecoming or Reunions.

Allow your audience to add donations to their ticket or pass purchase at checkout, hyperlink a display ad directly to your organization’s main webpage if you want to collect donations there, or send people to your donation page on Eventive. Create an Online Shop to sell swag as an additional way to generate revenue and spread school pride!

Step Five: Have an awesome time!

We trust you know how to do this best, but feel free to ping us if you have any questions about making the most of Eventive :-)

Our robust analytics allow you to see who watched what for how long, giving you insight into your most devoted attendees. You’ll be able to export reports with your attendees’ names and email addresses for future mailings, or contact your viewers directly through our mailings hub or our automated MailChimp integration, with total control of segmentation and tagging.

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