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Eventive for Music, Comedy, Public Speakers, Podcasts, and More
Eventive for Music, Comedy, Public Speakers, Podcasts, and More

Content creators of all types can use Eventive for virtual and in-person events for event hosting, livestreaming, ticket selling, and more!

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You may find answers to most questions about Eventive Virtual, including a full pricing breakdown, in our Eventive Virtual Organizer FAQ. But below are answers to questions specific to music, comedy, public speakers, podcasts, and other content creators:

How does Eventive prevent piracy of our performers’ or speakers’ content?

Securing your content and preventing piracy is of the utmost importance to us, so that’s why we developed the most comprehensive anti-piracy protection that is available for all screenings and events on Eventive at no additional cost*. Read more about our Advanced Anti-Piracy here.

*Live events must use Premium Livestreaming to receive DRM/Advanced Anti-Piracy protection. Premium Livestreams are billed at $10/hour + $0.99 per screening unlock.

How do pass purchases and functionality work for live virtual events?

Eventive has a robust and granular pass sales and rules functionality to ensure your audience gets access to all of the perks you’re providing them, whether they’re a casual day-passer or a big shot VIP.

Passes can be sold via your Eventive live site or can be embedded to your own website using Eventive Everywhere integration. Read more about Eventive Everywhere here.

Use our global pass rule functionality to ensure pricing and event access is tailored appropriately to varying pass levels across multiple events. Read more about pass sales and rules here.

Is the chat functionality for live events optional?

Absolutely! You can toggle chat functionality on or off in the Livestream Hub section of your dashboard by clicking “Manage Livestream,” scrolling down to the “Live Chat Management” section, and clicking the box next to “Show live chat."

Can we allow live content to be accessible as previously recorded content after the event concludes?

Absolutely! You have full control over how long your audience can view content on your virtual watch site using the availability window functionality. Read more about availability windows here.

Will you produce my livestream event?

We offer night-of-event access to our Technical Coordinator for livestream supervision as an add-on for $250, but this is mostly to ensure that your event producer is connecting the stream source to Eventive properly and managing the livestream settings correctly. If you are in need of an event or livestream producer, please contact us to discuss a custom agreement and pricing.

How can Eventive help me provide a platform for my sponsors?

Sponsorship visibility is a huge and very important function of the Eventive platform! From pre-roll clips to banners to custom display ads, read all about sponsorship integration pathways here.

Ready to take a deeper dive? Check out our demo videos as well as these help articles that are especially relevant to what your organization can get out of Eventive!

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