Eventive Virtual Renewal FAQ

Frequently asked questions about renewing your Eventive Virtual activation.

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Commonly asked questions about the Eventive Virtual Renewal process, as well as included benefits.

Please note: This information only applies to organizers who have activated Eventive Virtual. This does not apply to organizations only using the ticketing or event management side of the platform.

What do I get when I renew Eventive Virtual?

The renewal fee is $975.00 USD (this is for 12 months of Eventive Virtual access from the time of renewal).

Benefits of renewing Eventive Virtual include:

  • Ingestion Credit of $350

  • Additional films are $25 per feature, $5 per short film under 30 minutes

  • Attend our monthly “What’s New” webinar and Q&A to learn more about updates to the Eventive platform

  • Attend a Refresher Onboarding to re-introduce your team to the platform

How do I pay to renew Eventive Virtual?

Eventive Virtual is set to renew automatically on your renewal date. Eventive will issue an invoice on your renewal date to be paid within 30 days. If you do not renew Eventive Virtual within 30 days, your account will be disabled for virtual screenings.

Where can I find my renewal date?

Click "Financials" from the top of your left side Dashboard menu, then select "Billing Hub." You will find your subscription status and renewal date on the left side of your screen.

My event is going to be hybrid - a combination of virtual and in-person events. Can I still use Eventive? Do I need to pay anything extra?

Eventive is the perfect the solution for hybrid events! The $975 fee covers your use of Eventive Virtual, and tickets and passes to in-person physical events are only subject to the 5% + $0.99 transaction fee. The $0.99 DRM unlock fee only applies to virtual screenings!

Can I still use Eventive for physical event ticketing if I don't renew Eventive Virtual?

Yes! Your Eventive account can be used for ticketing and event management even if you don't renew for Eventive Virtual. You can see what's included with Eventive Ticketing here.

Do ingestion credits roll over?

No. Unused ingestion credits expire and you will be replenished to $350 upon renewal. Unused ingestion credits cannot be used towards any invoice discount.

How can I disable automatic renewal?

Navigate to the Billing Hub and select "Cancel subscription (disable renewal)."

What are the benefits of renewing as a nonprofit?

For nonprofit organizations activating or renewing after February 1, 2021, we offer a $100 statement credit when you provide us with your organization’s certificate of nonprofit status following new activation or renewal.

To receive this $100 nonprofit credit after activating or renewing, please send your IRS certificate of nonprofit status, state/local/national sales tax/vat exemption certificate (where applicable), and Tax ID number to sales@eventive.org.

Please include your Organization name & Tax ID in the subject line. Also, please be sure that your IRS paperwork is a PDF, and the file name includes the name of your organization that your Eventive account is set up under.

What happens if I don’t renew? What happens to my film/account/festival?

A couple of things will happen in the case that you don’t renew Eventive Virtual:

  • Your event buckets will be disabled for virtual. You will still have access to physical ticketing, reports, and analytics for those event buckets, but the “Virtual Screenings” section of the event bucket menu will disappear.

  • Your Virtual Catalog will disappear and not be searchable on watch.eventive.org

NOTE: Any current virtual screenings must be scheduled to end by 30 days after your activation date if you choose not to renew.

Do you have a Refund Policy?

We have a Satisfaction Guarantee Refund Policy for the first 30 days after activation. Once you start using the platform for film screenings and livestreams, if you decide that you would like a refund, we would deduct the operational costs incurred from any film ingestion and bandwidth used for livestreams from the $975 Activation Fee before refunding.

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