Add even more protection to your uploaded films with Visible, Burn-In, and User-Specific Watermark add-ons!

Forensic Watermark

Every film uploaded and streamed via Eventive is automatically secured with a Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark at no additional cost! This forensic watermark identifies each individual user and session, meaning any unauthorized use can be traced right back to the source.

Learn more about Eventive Advanced Antipiracy.

Visible Watermark

You can also add visible overlay watermarks to uploaded films at no additional cost! The visible watermark includes each viewer's email address, username, and IP address, as well as custom text of your choice. It is a client-side watermark that appears in the corner of the player window.

Please send us a message via the chat widget or email if you wish to set up a visible watermark.

Burn-in Session and/or User-Specific Watermark

Cost: $300 ingest fee per title // $3 per DRM unlock

For the highest security, studios may require a combination of visible and burned-in server-side watermarks. This is our most rigorous form of protection available. A unique video file is generated live for each viewer along with a server-side burned-in, non-removable visible watermark. The watermark’s position and timing can be fully customized.

Since this is extremely server intensive, we require an advance commitment to a certain number of views per screening (minimum: 850 unlocks).

Two Factor Authentication

Cost: Additional $0.25 per DRM unlock

For screenings that require a higher level of protection, you can require users to be authenticated via SMS or phone call in order to access their screening.

Please send us a message via the chat widget or email if you'd like to enable any of these security and watermark add-ons!

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