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Tips & Tricks: Build Year-Round Revenue
Tips & Tricks: Build Year-Round Revenue

Generate revenue and audience engagement with early pass sales!

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If you’ve been wondering how to generate higher year-round revenue and deeper audience engagement, one good answer is early pass sales. And there's no better time to get pass sales started than right now!

Here’s a great example of pass tiers and benefits from Indie Memphis.

If you're unsure what benefits you'll be offering, or what changes you'll be making, don't worry. Here are a few tips:

  1. Keep benefits to a minimum. Three is ideal. Five should be the limit. We know it's tempting to offer more. Truth is, fewer benefits offer passholders and members the opportunity to utilize more of them. It also reduces strain on your internal resources.

  2. Similarly, limit the different pass types to three to five choices. Again, three is the sweet spot for most organizations.

  3. For each pass type, try to identify who the key target audience is. Is it for the loyal patron that attends events a few times a year, or the hardcore supporter? When you know exactly the type of patron that will enthusiastically utilize the pass, you're on the right track to design the right package.

  4. Consider how pass benefits align with your organization's goals and mission. If they don't address at least one core goal, it may be time to revamp or eliminate altogether.

As always, you can find more information on this topic and many others in the Eventive Help Center, Passes Collection.

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