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Tips & Tricks: Deciding Your Event Format
Tips & Tricks: Deciding Your Event Format

Whether you’re planning virtual, in-person, hybrid, or still deciding, we have resources to keep you on track.

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As your festival or event season approaches, you may already find yourself knee-deep in spreadsheets, designing your program guide, and your inbox overflowing. As you decide on this year's event format, we’re here to help!

One thing to consider as you lay out your timeline is that early pass sales generally lead to increased revenue. Starting early and giving different price incentives will encourage folks to buy sooner.

Another thing to take into consideration as you decide on your format is the fact that planning a hybrid event gives you the greatest flexibility in case conditions change. It is much easier to turn physical events into virtual events if you are already set up to offer virtual content.

We’ve created a few checklists to help make sure you’ve checked off all your boxes. For a fully virtual event, be sure to check out our Virtual Event Checklist. If you are planning a hybrid event of both in-person and virtual screenings, our Hybrid Event Planning Checklist can ensure you’ve covered your bases.

As always, you can find more information on this topic and many others in the Eventive Help Center.

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