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Tips & Tricks: Hybrid Event Planning Checklist
Tips & Tricks: Hybrid Event Planning Checklist

Take a look at the many creative ways you can use Eventive to enhance your hybrid film festival or event!

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As you start planning your hybrid event on Eventive, here are some things to think about!

Balance of Programming

You know your event and audience best, but here are some questions to explore as you plan the scope and content of your hybrid event:

  • How many films will we show in person? How many will we show virtually?

  • Will the virtual films be available on demand, for specific premiere windows, or a combination?

  • Will the virtual films be available at the same time as the in-person screenings, or as an encore afterward?

  • Will the virtual films be available everywhere, or only in our region, or only outside of the region typically served by our in-person fest?

  • Will our passes include access to both in-person and virtual screenings?

  • Will our Q&As and panels be in person, virtual, or both?

  • Do we want to offer any free events (virtual, in person or both?)

  • How can we use virtual programming to expand our audience and make our programs more accessible?

Customer Journey

Eventive gives you the tools you need to create a streamlined experience for your audience, whether they’re devoted passholders or first-time ticket buyers. Here are some things to consider:


Where is your festival’s home base on the web? You can send folks to your Eventive Native Site to explore your schedule and film guide, buy passes and learn more on the extra pages you create. And if you already have an awesome website, you can embed many Eventive elements into your own site or use Eventive Everywhere buttons.

On-Sale Schedule

You can give passholders early access to tickets, offer early-bird discount codes, or even update prices on the fly! You can also set your ticket capacity for advance sales below the actual seat count to save tickets for the rush-line, staff or latecomer VIPs.

Passholder Experience

Do you want passholders to reserve tickets in advance, be able to walk right in, or have priority entry? Is there a limited number of seats for passholders or do their privileges expire at a certain time in order to accommodate the rush line? These are all things to think about when you set up your ticket buckets and craft your order confirmation messages.

Marketing Ideas

These tips and tricks cover everything from leveraging community partnerships to Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel tracking.

Box Office Staff and Volunteers

Admin Access

You can add as many teammates to your Eventive account as you want! Use different admin roles to give your Box Office Manager and staff, tech team, designer and programmers access to only the areas of Eventive that pertain to them.


Invite your Box Office staff to use play around in the Example Bucket and read through our related Help Articles. We can send an Eventive team member to assist with on-the-ground training for an additional fee.



You can process sales in the Box Office on a laptop, but we also have a free Box Office app for iPad for ease and mobility. We offer payment terminals for purchase or rent, as well as bluetooth card readers -- great for socially distant, minimal contact transactions!


Use our Pass Label template to print pass QR codes. The Box Office app can also connect to a printer -- we recommend a receipt-style printer, like this one here.

Ticket and Pass Scanning

We have QR code scanners available for purchase or rent that will streamline your entry process. These scanners also have integrated card readers, so they’re especially great for selling tickets at the door. You can also use our iOS scanner app to scan and issue tickets.

Beyond the Box Office and Virtual Screening Room

Venue Seat Maps

When you create your venues for in-person events, you can choose to offer reserved seating, including sections for latecomers and accessible & companion seats. If you give us at least 2 weeks notice before going on sale, we can help you create seat maps with dynamic social-distancing rules.

Concessions & Merchandise

You can use the Box Office App to sell Items such as concessions and merch, as well as tickets and passes! Items incur a 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee, instead of the full transaction fee of 5% + $0.99 for tickets/passes.

Print Traffic & DCP Ingest Schedule

Download a .CSV file of your physical events, including the venue and start/end times, as a basis for building your print traffic schedule. You can use this same report to identify which films need to ingest where, or even create an inspection checklist!

Staffing Schedule

You can use that same events .CSV report to create a staffing schedule, to be sure you have a projectionist, box office manager, ticket sellers, ushers and other event support as needed.

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