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Create custom pages on your Eventive native site using the Pages tab.

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The next tab to explore after clicking Launch Configurator from your event bucket settings page is the Pages tab.

Several pages come standard on your Eventive site - such as your Welcome page, Film Guide page, Passes page, and Schedule page. With the Pages tab, you have the opportunity to build additional pages on your site!

How to build a custom page on your Eventive native site:

First, click the ADD ANOTHER PAGE button:

NOTE: If you click ADD ANOTHER PAGE, then don't follow through the steps below to create a new page, a clickable blank space will appear in your left side menu.

Path: URL path for the page. For example, if your domain is "" and you enter "test123" for the path here, the final URL will be "".

DO NOT put any spaces or non-alphanumeric symbols (ie. &, !, or ?) in the Path. You are creating your URL - have you ever seen a website URL with spaces or symbols? It won't work!

Common examples: faq, aboutus, learnmore, becomeamember, howtowatch

Title: Title for the page. Appears in lefthand navigation menu and at the top of the page.

Content: Content to include in the page, including text and images. Remember, you can click "Switch to raw editor" to use HTML to embed videos and other content.

Include a table of information: Show a table which you can customize to add information to the page.

Click "Yes, show the table" to enable the below options:

Table header: Header for the table.

Column #1 Title + Description:

Show action button: Show a button at the bottom of the description.

When "Yes, show button" is selected:

Action Button Text: What the button says (ie. "Virtual Catalog" in screenshot above).

Action button URL: URL destination for the action button when clicked. If you don't put a URL - ie. - here, clicking the button won't do anything!

Action button accent: Accent the action button color. When accented, the button will be the accent color you select on the General tab. When not accented, the button will be white.

When "Yes, make accented" is selected:

When "Yes, make accented" is not selected:

Post-table content: Content to include after the table.

Hide page title on page: Don't show the page title on the page.

When "Hide Title" is not selected:

When "Hide Title" is selected:

Hide page from navigation: Don't show a link to the page in the lefthand navigation menu.

When "Hide Page" is not selected:

When "Hide Page" is selected:

You've created a Page! Now what?

Add a button to this new Page to your Welcome Page! Go to Configurator --> Welcome, click Add New Button, and under URL destination for the button when clicked, write the URL Path to the Page you just created (ie. ticketinformation).

Up next: Film Guide tab!

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