Using the Eventive Embed Wizard, you can embed Eventive directly on your organization's website to allow frictionless schedule browsing, ticket sales, and pass sales without ever leaving your site.

The embedded version of Eventive is fully responsive and resizes to fit your website, on both desktop and mobile devices.

Plus, if customers are logged in via Eventive, they'll automatically be logged in when visiting your embedded schedule, so they can purchase tickets seamlessly.

Please note that embedding Eventive into your own website requires some basic knowledge of HTML, or at least knowledge of where on your site's back end that you can add custom embed code.

Embed Eventive in your site

  1. Navigate to your event bucket settings page

  2. Scroll down to Embed in your website and click Open embed wizard

  3. Select the page you wish to embed from the dropdown menu of page options

  4. Select a background color (the color is transparent by default)

  5. Copy and paste the generated HTML code directly into your website where you'd like the page to appear

  6. Refresh your personal website and you should see the Eventive embed!

NOTE: If embedding your Schedule page, be sure to select a default schedule view mode. Visitors will still have the opportunity to change view modes, but what you select here is simply the default displayed in your embedded version.

Pages you can embed using the Embed Wizard:

Schedule - [yourevent]

Pass Sales - [yourevent]

Film Guide - [yourevent]

Welcome page - [yourevent]

Donation page - [yourevent]

NOTE: You cannot embed your Eventive Virtual Catalog or Virtual Watch pages.

Looking for even more embedding options? Check out Eventive Everywhere!

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