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Eventive Box Office iPad App
Eventive Box Office iPad App

Discover Eventive's native iOS app for box office sales and event check-in.

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Eventive offers an iPad app that allows you to perform all box office functions via an optimized graphical interface, collect payments via tap, dip, or swipe using the bluetooth Eventive Reader, and check in attendees with a simple swipe on the app.

To install the Eventive Box Office app, visit the iOS app store from your iPad and search for it by name, or click here for a direct link

Once the app is installed on your iPad, log in using your admin username and password.

The Eventive Box Office app makes it easy to sell tickets, passes, and items in a single transaction!

The top row includes upcoming events in chronological order. Swipe across the row to see all upcoming events and ticket availabilities, or start typing the event or item name in the search window at the top of the screen to filter the list .

Tap on an event image to reveal available ticket buckets, then select one to add it to the shopping cart. Once the ticket is in the cart, tap the cart listing to adjust quantities. 

Do the same for items and passes, and apply discounts from the row of options!

To add the tickets or items to an existing passholder's account, click the Apply Pass button.

Once all of the customer's selections have been added to the cart, tap the green Check Out button to complete the order. 

Processing Payment in the App

After clicking Check Out, the total price for the order will display and you will have the option to select either Credit or Cash payment.

If Eventive Reader is connected, you'll see the screen below and use the Reader to collect credit card payments. If you do not have Eventive Reader, you will manually enter the credit card or cash payment details.

Connect Eventive Reader

Tap the "Settings" option in the lower right corner of the app screen, select the Eventive Reader option, and tap "Connect reader" after turning on the reader and holding it close to the iPad.

Create a Receipt 

Once payment is complete, enter the customer's email address. The recipient will be emailed a receipt and tickets, if applicable.

Check in Attendees

The Eventive Box Office app also allows you to check in event attendees by swiping on their names from a list.

Select the "Check-in" option from the bottom of the app screen, then select the event from the list of upcoming events. Each event has its own searchable list of ticketed attendees.

Swipe right on a name to mark them as checked in, or swipe left to revert their status to not checked in.

This function works in tandem with Eventive Scanner and your admin Box Office. If a ticket has already been scanned, it will be greyed out on the app check-in screen. You can use the Eventive Box Office app to revert tickets that were previously marked as scanned elsewhere!

Print Tickets

You can connect a printer and set printing preferences via the Box Office app's Settings tab. Please be sure that the iPad running the box office app and the printer are both connected to the same wireless network. The printer must also be compatible with AirPrint in order to be able to be used to print tickets from the Box Office app.

  1. Click Settings in the bottom right corner of the Box Office App.

  2. Toggle "Offer to print tickets at Box Office" to on.

  3. Under "Selected Printer", select the AirPrint enabled printer that you would like to use to print the tickets.

  4. Under "Paper Format", select the desired ticket format. Letter will generate tickets that will print on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper. Ticket Stock will generate tickets that are 2.5" x 6".

In order to print tickets, these settings must be configured before a ticket order is placed.

Print Pass Labels

Passes purchased via the iPad app are instantly available for online use. However, the app is not currently set up to print pass labels, so passholders should be sent to your event's on-site pass label printing location, where their passes will be immediately available for printing.

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