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Tips & Tricks: In-Person Event Ideas
Tips & Tricks: In-Person Event Ideas

Preparing for your in-person events.

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Whether you’re hosting your first or fiftieth in-person event in 2022, Eventive has all the tools you need to make it a success!

After all, Eventive started as an in-person ticketing platform. Get started with our robust and user-friendly event creation tools today!

New year, new Event Bucket. Make an event bucket for your upcoming program, then start building your in-person events – which can be anything from film screenings to poetry readings to parties!

Make social distancing and assigned seating a breeze by creating venue seat maps directly in your Eventive dashboard.

We can’t help you with the popcorn machine, but we can certainly provide other useful equipment. Ticket scanners? Check. Credit card readers? We’ve got them. Check out all the equipment you can rent and purchase directly from Eventive, along with other recommendations for all your event hardware needs.

As always, you can find more information on this topic and many others in the Eventive Help Center.

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