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Getting Paid

How sales revenue reaches your organization.

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All payments on Eventive are processed through Stripe. As soon as you connect your bank account, you can start selling tickets, passes, items, and collecting donations!

Payment transfers arrive in your bank account on a 2-day rolling basis โ€“ no need to wait until the end of your festival or event to collect your earnings!

To edit your payout schedule, log in to the payouts section of your Stripe account dashboard here.

Use the Bank transfer reconciliation by transfer date (unified) report to view each bank transfer by date!

Refunds & Chargebacks

Refunds are free of Eventive ticketing fees -- as in, the Eventive ticketing fee portion of the transaction fee will automatically be refunded to your account when you refund a customer order. However, Stripe does not refund credit card processing fees, so this portion of the fee will show up as a net debit to your account when an order is refunded.

If you issue a refund through Eventive for a sale that has already been transferred to your account, your bank account will be debited the amount of the sale and we'll refund the Eventive ticketing fee portion of the transaction fee.

Chargebacks (also known as disputes) occur when a customer contacts their credit card company and cancels a payment, often because they believe the charge to be illegitimate. In these instances, you may incur a fee. However, you are able to contest chargebacks if you believe the payment was legitimate. If you successfully contest the chargeback, all fees will be refunded. All chargebacks are handled by Stripe. For more information about chargebacks, check out their documentation.

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