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Create a Box Office Order For an Existing Customer
Create a Box Office Order For an Existing Customer

Use the Box Office to charge existing customers for new purchases over the phone or on-site.

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In the course of doing business, it may be necessary to place a ticket or pass order on behalf of an existing customer. Here's how!

Open your Box Office, and make sure "Box office order" is selected under "Order Type."

Add everything you'd like to the order by clicking the +TICKET, +PASS, and +ITEM buttons.

Want this purchase to be free or discounted? Click the +DISCOUNT button and learn more about discount codes.

Once everything has been added to the order, scroll down to the "Customer email address" field and enter the email address associated with the existing customer's Eventive account.

The customer's saved credit card from any previous purchases will be selected under the "Payment Method" field by default. If you wish to charge a different card, or use cash or check, select the appropriate option.

Click Place Order and the purchase will automatically be added to their account!

You can also create a new Box Office order for a customer directly from their Person page!

Click the "New Box Office Order" button and you'll be brought to your Box Office, with the customer's account details & payment information pre-filled using information from their account!

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