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The Eventive Ballot app makes it easy to collect audience votes at the door after screenings.

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Use the free Eventive Ballot app, available for iOS and Android, to collect votes with one or multiple devices at the door after screenings. Votes are recorded instantly.

We recommend using a tablet, but a smaller device will work, too.

To install the free Eventive Ballot app:

  1. Click Balloting from the lefthand menu on your Dashboard

  2. Click Mobile ballots

  3. Click either Download from App Store (iOS) or Get it on Google Play (Android)

Log in to the app

After launching the app, tap Scan QR code and then scan the QR code shown on the Mobile Ballots page of the Eventive Dashboard.

Select an event for balloting

After logging in, tap on an event to open the voting screen.
Events will only become available for balloting one hour before the scheduled showtime and disappear one hour after the scheduled end time. This is to help prevent confusion and to prevent any ballot-stuffing attempts.

Collect votes

You can collect votes however you'd like, but an effective method we have found is to have attendants holding devices running the Eventive Ballot app at each exit to the theater so audience members can walk up to each device and select their desired rating for each film. As soon as a ballot is completed, the ballot is automatically submitted and a checkmark is displayed. Once submitted, ballots cannot be modified. The ballot is then automatically reset for the next audience member to vote.

All votes are logged with a unique device ID and timestamp.

Close voting

After all votes have been collected for a screening, swipe from the far-left edge of the voting screen towards the center in order to go back to the Select Event screen.

This is intentionally somewhat difficult in order to prevent overzealous voters from accidentally closing the ballot entry screen.

Tabulate results

No tabulation happens via the Eventive Ballot app, and no analytics or vote information is shown via the app.

For a live view of the total number of votes cast so far, check out how to view ballot totals by event.

When you're ready to tabulate final counts, check out Tabulating results.

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