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Introduction to Reporting and Analytics
Introduction to Reporting and Analytics

An introduction to Reporting & Analytics available on Eventive!

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Eventive is designed to make it easy for you to view and export data at multiple levels of scale. 

Sources of data can be divided into Views, Exports, Reports, and Analytics

Views refer to a live page view on your admin dashboard with continually updated data regarding events, pass buckets, orders, and more. Many Views can be exported as .CSV files, thus becoming Exports as well.

Views include: 
- Films

- Virtual Screenings

- Physical Events

- Pass Buckets

- Discounts

- Item Buckets
- People
- Orders
- All Orders
- All People

Exports are specific reporting formats for events and pass buckets, as well as .CSV or .PDF download versions of views.

Reports are .CSV files which collect the specified data in a universal spreadsheet format that you can open with your chosen spreadsheet software, or use as import sources for accounting programs such as QuickBooks, or CRM or other database software.

Analytics can help your organization to better understand your audience and event success with real-time data collection. These pages will update in real-time, as opposed to exported Reports or Downloaded Files which capture a snapshot of your data at the time of download.

With the exception of the Streaming Analytics, all Analytics pages must be refreshed in order to update with new information.

Learn more about Analytics and Global Reports.

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