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Send Tickets to Multiple People with Group Sales
Send Tickets to Multiple People with Group Sales

Send the same order to multiple customers at once using Group Sales in the Box Office.

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The Box Office Group Sales function allows you to issue tickets in bulk!

This is especially helpful when you need to issue the same tickets to separate email addresses using the same payment method, issue free tickets to a group, and more!

Through one transaction, you can issue the same order to multiple email addresses. Each email address will receive an individual email with their ticket or streaming link!

NOTE: If you are issuing more than 500 tickets, please perform multiple group sales.

Looking to issue passes to a group? Use our Bulk Import Passes feature instead. Read more about Bulk Importing Passes here!

How to use Group Sales to issue tickets:

1. Select Box Office from your left side menu.

2. Click + TICKET to add the tickets you would like to the order.

3. After you've added everything you want to the order, select "Group Sales."

4. Add the email addresses you will issue this order for, using the interactive inline spreadsheet or copy and paste a list of email addresses and names directly from an external spreadsheet.

When running a Group Sale for an event with reserved seating, a new column will appear in the table, allowing you to specify a particular seat (e.g. "A-7") for each guest in the sale. If any of the seats are invalid, the entire order will fail, preventing partial orders.

5. You may include an additional message that goes along with the order confirmation email if you wish.

6. Click Place Order, and the ticket(s) will be sent to each individual email address listed!

Paying for a Group Sale

If there is a cost associated with the order - as in, the order is not for free tickets - the selected payment method (Card, Cash, Credit, or Check) will be used for each order.

In other words, only ONE payment method can be used for a Group Sale. If each customer has their own preferred payment method (ie. personal credit cards), please place a regular Box Office order instead of Group Sale.

Want to resend the order confirmation emails to your recipients? Navigate to Orders, click View Order. Select all tickets or just the ones that you want to resend the transfer(s) for and then click the 'Bulk Actions' button. The last option in the bulk actions menu, is 'Resend transfer'.


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