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Eventive Virtual - Single Film
Eventive Single Film: Create Your Film
Eventive Single Film: Create Your Film

Eventive Virtual - Single Film // Add your film metadata, images, and description

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Once you've created your event bucket, create a film record for your film!

Watch our Create a Film video!

Create a Film Record

  1. Select your event bucket from the Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Films in the lefthand navigation

  3. Click Create New Film

Add all relevant information, including:

  • Film title: The title of your film.

  • Description: A long description or synopsis, shown on the film page. You can include links and images, as well as text.

  • Short description: A short description or logline of the film, shown in the schedule, film guide, and Channel Discovery Portal.

  • Details: Information about the film including year, runtime, language, country, premiere status, rating and links to social media profiles to be displayed on the film page and virtual screening page.

  • Credits: Add credits including director, producer, screenwriter, cast, and more. Separate multiple individuals with commas, and leave any irrelevant credit lines blank.

Upload film images:

  • Poster image: A poster image for the film, shown in the film guide and on detail pages. Recommended: 2:3 aspect ratio.

  • Cover image: A cover image for the film, shown as a background in the film guide and on detail pages. Recommended: 960 x 380 px.

  • Still image for virtual festival: Upload an additional horizontal image here if you're using Eventive Virtual, displayed on the film's virtual watch page. Recommended: 1920 x 1080 px. PNG or JPG.

  • Trailer URL: Add a YouTube or Vimeo link to embed a film trailer. The video must have embedding turned on, and cannot be password protected.


  • Leave "Visible Everywhere" selected for this film to appear in your film guide

  • Select "Hidden from film guide" to hide this film from your film guide

  • Select "Hidden everywhere" to hide this film from your film guide and virtual watch page

Important note for virtual events: Selecting "Hidden everywhere" will not hide the virtual screening, rather, it will hide this specific film from the righthand list of films on a virtual watch page if there are multiple films in the screening. The film will still play in the virtual screening even if it is hidden. If you hide ALL films from a single virtual screening, it will cancel itself out -- you must have at least one non-hidden film in a virtual screening.

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