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Eventive Virtual - Single Film
Eventive Single Film: Create Your Event Bucket
Eventive Single Film: Create Your Event Bucket

Eventive Virtual - Single Film // Your event bucket will encompass all screenings of your film.

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Eventive is an all-in-one solution for managing collections of events, known as event buckets.

Create a single event bucket to set up an unlimited number of screenings of your film. This is a great way to host virtual screenings for different affiliates or organizations!

You can also create discounts, send targeted mailings, manage people, and more -- all within a shared event bucket!

Create an Event Bucket

  1. Navigate to your Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Create new next to the Event Buckets heading on the left side menu

General Details

  • Name: Give your event bucket a name! It should be the name of the main event - ie. Awesome Film

  • Subdomain: Create the URL to access your Eventive Native site. We recommend making this something recognizable to your audience - ie. awesomefilm

  • Timezone: Defaults to your current timezone.

Site Features

  • Event bucket mode: Click "Change Mode" next to Event bucket mode to change your Event Bucket Mode from Default to Standalone Tickets Only. The option to sell Passes does not apply to those using Eventive Virtual Single Film.

  • Native schedule publicly visible: Unselect this if you'd like to hide the event bucket's Schedule page.

  • Native film guide publicly visible: Unselect this if you'd like to hide the event bucket’s Film Guide page.

  • Standalone tickets on sale to public: Unselect this if you'd like to turn off access to standalone tickets.

  • Accept donations on site: Select this to add a Donation page to your Eventive Native site. Learn more about accepting donations.

Eventive Virtual Settings

Access the Eventive Discovery Portal, Unlock/Watch window, Display Section order, and Pre-Roll & Post-Roll settings by clicking the Eventive Virtual Settings button.


Use the Configurator to customize nearly every element of your Eventive Site and Virtual Catalog pages. Learn more about the Eventive Configurator.

Fee & Tax Settings

Open Fee & Tax settings to customize settings relating to transaction fees, virtual fees, sales tax, and more.

NOTE: Eventive cannot advise on any customer’s tax questions. Please contact your tax adviser for more information.

Embed in your website

Learn more about embedding elements of your Eventive Native site using the Embed Wizard and Eventive Everywhere.

Be sure to watch our Creating Event Buckets video!

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