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Create Your First Virtual Screening
Create Your First Virtual Screening

Use Virtual Screenings to create both ticketed & non-ticketed happenings at your virtual event or festival.

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Virtual Screenings represent anything that happens at your virtual festival or event. They can be configured in a number of ways, but for now let's get started with the basics.

A virtual screening can consist of a film, multiple films (such as a shorts program), a livestream, or a combination of a film/films plus a livestream!

Check out our Create a Virtual Screening video!

Create a Virtual Screening

  1. Select your event bucket from your Eventive Dashboard

  2. Click Virtual Screenings in the lefthand navigation

  3. Click Create New Virtual Screening

  4. Choose a screening type and enter a title for the screening

  5. Learn more about the many other options in the event editor here, but for now just Save your changes

Add a Ticket Bucket

Events contain ticket buckets, which are collections of tickets. A virtual screening must have a ticket bucket in order for your audience to get tickets, whether the tickets are paid or free!

  1. Click "Add new ticket bucket"

  2. Enter a name, price, and quantity of tickets available, then click "Save changes"

  3. Learn more about all available ticket bucket settings here

But wait! There's more!

Be sure to read our Guide to Creating Virtual Screenings, which goes over every available virtual screening setting, and watch our Creating a Virtual Screening video!

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