Congratulations! Your event has wrapped! We're so glad you chose to partner with Eventive.

Now what?

There's nothing you're required to do on Eventive once your festival or screening series ends, but we have a number of suggestions to help tie up any loose ends!

Our wrap-up suggestions:

1. Check that all virtual screening availability windows have an end date and all livestreams are stopped.

2. Change your Event Bucket Mode to Archived to or All sales disabled to disable ticket and pass sales. Archived Mode will move your event bucket to the "Archived" section of your Dashboard.

Archiving past event buckets, rather than deleting past event buckets, is a good practice as it cleans up your dashboard while preserving all of your attendance and transactional data and analytics from past events for future reference.

3. Get in touch with your audience! Curious to gather feedback, communicate about future events, and generally understand how things went? Use our Mailings tool to send messages to all attendees or select groups. Including a link to a post-event survey is always a good idea!

4. Read our collections of Reporting and Financial Help Articles to find more information about payments and financial data.

5. Final payouts and invoices should be issued in the next few weeks.

6. Start planning your year-round catalog!

Thanks for partnering with Eventive!

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