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You may find answers to most questions about Eventive Virtual, including a full pricing breakdown, in our Eventive Virtual Organizer FAQ. Below you will find answers to questions specific to arthouse cinemas:

What types of film programming does Eventive support?

Your programming slate is easily manageable using Eventive! Whether you’re screening new releases, repertory content, watch parties, festival screenings, everything in between and all at the same time, you can create an infinite number of programming categories on your Eventive Virtual watch site to deliver a diverse programming slate to new and regular audience members.

How does film programming work with distributors and screening rights in tandem with Eventive?

Eventive does not license media nor grant screening rights approval, so that part of the booking process remains between you and the distributor outside of Eventive.

Once screening rights are approved, organizers can create a film in their dashboard and obtain screening media using the “Send Upload Invite” button. Add the distributor/rightsholder’s email and the platform will send them an invitation to upload the approved media for the film.

How does Eventive work for cinemas in both the physical and virtual landscape?

Connecting film lovers to great cinema is the core of what we do as a team, so whether you are screening films in-person only, mixing in-person with virtual, or completely virtual, Eventive gives you the power and toolkit to engage with your audience at any stage in your programming, locally and globally.

For in-person events, we offer ticketing, a box office portal, seat mapping, hardware, reporting, and support for your team to ensure your guests get the red carpet treatment as soon as they walk in the door.

In the hybrid landscape with both in-person and virtual cinema, adding a virtual catalog via an Eventive watch site or app can connect your audience to a wider array of programming. Go beyond the limitations of screen count, seat count, and geography, livestream physical or virtual Q&As, host virtual watch parties, and more. All hardware and physical cinema support is available to you should you need it, but if not, you still have full access to reporting, organizer support, audience support, and so much more.

Regardless of whether you’re event is in the virtual or physical realm, Eventive provides a seamless, well-designed audience-facing experience.

Are organizations required to use Eventive ticketing if we have our own ticketing system?

Organizations are not required to use Eventive ticketing while using the platform. You can connect your current/preferred ticketing system to Eventive using our open API to ensure payments made through Eventive are routed exactly where they need to go.

What kind of hardware does Eventive offer for physical box office needs?

We offer the Eventive Scanner, Eventive Terminal, and Eventive Reader for sale or weekly rentals depending on your needs. Find specs, pricing, and more here.

If you’re using tablets for physical box office or balloting needs, you can download and utilize the Eventive Scanner and Eventive Ballot apps on any iOS device.

Can I export box office reports for my accounting team and distributor partners?

Absolutely! In addition to the robust, granular analytics available for screenings, you can easily generate traditional box office reports to ensure your accounting and revenue splits are accurate.

Additionally, we’ll soon be rolling out an optional function for automatic payment splits between cinemas and distributors to increase the efficiency and accuracy of payments between partners.

Check out a deeper dive on reporting and analytics here.

Is Eventive integrated with Comscore?

Not yet, but Comscore integration is currently in development and coming soon!

Can merch and concessions be sold using Eventive?

Merch can be sold using our online shop functionality. You can also define merch by color or sizing variants in snap. See more about creating an online shop here.

Food and beverage sales, variable tax per item, and F&B analytics/reporting are currently in development and coming soon!

How can we increase audience interaction with our screenings?

Community and gathering is central to why we all love cinema. Virtual hangouts and interactivity will never replace the joy of being together in person, but we have options for when that isn’t possible.

Schedule a watch party with an optional chat function using a Real Time Broadcast! Need to allow audience members to speak with talent during a panel or Q&A? You can link an external Zoom meeting to your screening on your Eventive watch site to keep traffic flowing smoothly from a single source.

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