Eventive Scanner

Meet our dedicated laser QR code scanner & credit card reader combo. Available for rent or purchase for your in-person event.

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The Eventive Scanner is an iPod touch + laser barcode scanner + credit card reader combo that comes preloaded with the Eventive Scanner app configured for your event.

Simply take it out of the box and start scanning and selling tickets at the door!

Watch our Eventive Scanner video!

Rent Eventive Scanner

If you would like to order an Eventive Scanner, please visit our online shop!

Eventive scanners are not currently available for purchase.

We have a limited number of Eventive Scanners available for rental at $100 per week each (plus shipping).

We require 4 weeks in advance of your event to prepare and ship your equipment. Rentals are subject to availability. If a request is less than 4 weeks in advance, there may be an additional surcharge.

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