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Add Teammates to Your Admin Account
Add Teammates to Your Admin Account

Add an unlimited number of teammate accounts to your organization's Eventive admin account to help manage your events, box office, and more!

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When you activate with Eventive, the account you're given is an Administrator account. As an Administrator, you can perform every available action in the Eventive system, including adding teammates and colleagues to your organization dashboard!

Give different teammates varying levels of access to your Eventive dashboard by assigning specific roles to each admin account! For example, your Box Office Manager may only need access to the sales side of things, and not have the ability to edit events.

Create an account for your teammate

  1. Log into your Dashboard at

  2. From the Eventive Dashboard, click Manage Organization

  3. Click Add New Account

  4. Add the new account holder's name and email address

  5. Either specify a password or choose to send a link to the specified email address that will allow the new account holder to set their own password

  6. Select the Role that should be given to the account, in order to restrict its available actions. See Using roles for an explanation of each role.

  7. Click Save and repeat the process to continue adding teammates to your Eventive organization account!

Do you see this error message after adding a new account?

You might see this error message because a single email address can only be associated with one organization account (an account used to login to

If a teammate already has an Eventive organization account and you're trying to create an account for them within a different organization -- ie. they worked for Cool Film Festival and now you're trying to set them up as an admin at Awesome Film Festival -- you'll need to either use a different email address for the new account or enter a modified version of their email address.

A modified email address refers to entering "" instead of "" Adding a modification such as +01 to the email address will make the Eventive system recognize the email address as a new one, but it should still direct messages to the recipient's normal email inbox!

Alternatively, the teammate can change the email address associated with their original organization account or have another administrator from that original organization delete their account entirely if they don’t need it anymore.

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