Create a Seat Map

Create seat maps for physical venues, including seat maps with social distancing rules.

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Use Eventive's seat map editor to design seat maps for each of your reserved seating venues!

Please note, your seat map must be created and added to the physical event editor BEFORE you begin issuing or selling tickets for the event!

Create your seat map

  1. Select "Reserved Seating" in the Venue editor

  2. Click "Create Seat Map"

  3. Select a template to start building your seat map

Want to create a seat map with social distancing rules?

Please message or email us at least 2 weeks before your event with a drawing or visual representation of the venue as well as details about the rules you wish to enforce, such as percent capacity and maximum group sizes.

We will then create your seat map and apply dynamic social distancing rules, which can be adjusted as audience members buy tickets!

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to create your own seat map and enforce social distancing by manually disabling certain seats to control capacity and where your audience can sit.

Using the Seat Map Editor

You have a few options when creating your seat map:

  1. Upload an image (PNG, GIF, or JPEG smaller than 10mb) of your venue's seat map in the section called Reference Chart, then follow the directions on screen to create your seat map in the Eventive editor.

  2. Or use the Rectangle tool to create your own outline, then fill in the space with seats using the Row and Table tools.

Use the Focal Point tool to establish what the "best" seats are (decided upon by proximity to the Focal Point).

Use the Row tool to create rows (or individual seats) in various formations.

Use the Table tool to create round or rectangular tables with a custom number of chairs.

Use Labels in order to add section, row, and seat numbers.

Use Categories to define different types of seating (ie. "Mezzanine" and "Floor" levels, or perhaps "Sponsor" and "Filmmaker" seats).

Here's an example of a completed Eventive seat map:

Changes are saved automatically. Click the X in the top left corner to exit.

The final step is to add this Venue to a physical event.

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