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Getting Started with Eventive Balloting
Getting Started with Eventive Balloting

Eventive Balloting is designed to work seamlessly with any festival or event.

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To start using Eventive Balloting, follow four easy steps:

If your event schedule is already live on Eventive, skip to step 4.

1. Create an Event Bucket

Already have an event bucket? You're all set—nothing to do here!

We refer to your collection of film screenings, livestreams, and other events as an Event Bucket. Examples of Event Buckets include this year's edition of your organization's film festival, a film screening series, a podcast tour, or your company's annual conference. Learn how to create an event bucket.

2. Import films

Already imported your films to build your film guide? You're all set—nothing to do here!

Add films one at a time or bulk import your films. If you will have category-specific awards -- for example, Best Documentary, Best Short Film, etc. -- add these categories as tags to each film.

If a film in your program will not be included in your Audience Award, select "Not in competition" on the film's edit page.

3. Import events

Already created your physical and/or virtual events? You're all set—nothing to do here!

Create events one at a time or use our bulk import tool. A ballot is generated for each event containing one or more balloted films.

4. Configure your ballots

Now that all your films & events are ready, it's time for the fun part—customizing your ballot! Learn how here.

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