Download Your Livestream

Download your livestream directly from the Livestreaming Hub.

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Downloading your livestream is easy on Eventive! Simply go to your Livestreaming Hub and click "Manage livestream" next to the livestream you wish to download:

Next, click "Request HD Export"

Livestream Download FAQs

How much does downloading a livestream cost?

If the livestream was run using Basic mode, the cost is $20, which is charged to the payment method on file. If you the livestream was run using Premium mode, it is free to download!

How long does it take to export a livestream?
Exporting can take up to one hour.

How many times can I download a single livestream?

Once the export has been generated, you can download the exported file an unlimited number of times from your Livestreaming Hub at no additional charge.

What is included in the downloaded file?

Only the recorded livestream video will be included. The live chat transcript cannot be downloaded at this time.

How do I pay for the download?
A single fee of $20 will appear on your next monthly invoice, if applicable.

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