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Eventive Virtual Single Film FAQ
Eventive Virtual Single Film FAQ

Launch your film on Eventive. Everything you need for virtual distribution of a single title, from DRM-protected screenings to live Q&As.

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Eventive Virtual Single Film was specifically designed for filmmakers to take control of their own digital distribution. You can find the Single Film Demo here.

Please note, we recommend a minimum of three weeks for Eventive Virtual Single Film onboarding and set up.

Eventive Virtual Single Film gives filmmakers the power to self-distribute online in a safe and secure way.

If you represent an organization hosting a virtual event with multiple film screenings or you are a filmmaker screening more than one feature film, please check out Eventive Virtual.

What's included?

  • Ingest a single feature film or up to 2 hours of short films with full DRM protection encoded for play-out on all devices

    • Additional ingests for bonus content or updated versions of the film are billed at $25 per feature and $5 per short

    • Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark is applied to all uploaded content at no additional cost

  • Create unlimited virtual screenings

    • Geoblock your virtual screenings at the country, state, or city level

  • Real-Time Broadcast option to screen your content on a specific date and time

  • Upload pre- and post-roll videos, trailers, sponsor messaging, and more

  • Promote your film on the Channel Discovery Portal for free

  • Support including an initial onboarding meeting

  • Stream your film on TV using the free Eventive Apps for Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV

  • Robust analytics including sales analytics, geo-analytics, and streaming analytics

  • $0.99 per virtual ticket unlock streaming fee on VOD screenings

    • First 100 ticket unlocks are FREE

What does it cost?

  • Activation Fee: $299.00

  • Transaction Fee: 5% + $0.99 (applies to all paid orders)

  • DRM Unlock Fee: $0.99 per viewer unlock applies to paid and free tickets. Activation fee includes 100 free DRM unlock credits.

Activation Fee: The $299 activation fee gives you access to screen your single film on Eventive Virtual indefinitely. The film will remain available for your use so long as you wish to keep your account active.

Transaction Fee: The ticketing transaction fee on all paid physical and virtual tickets and pass orders is 5% + $0.99 per item. You can absorb these fees or pass them on to the customer. The transaction fee includes all credit card processing fees. There is no transaction fee on free orders, or cash or check sales.

Donation and Item Fee: The fee on donations and item buckets is 2.9% + $0.30.

DRM Unlock Fee: There is a $0.99 DRM unlock fee on tickets to virtual screenings in which ingested content is used. The DRM unlock fee is charged per ticket purchased ("unlocked") to a virtual screening, as long as the virtual screening contains ingested VOD content. The fee is not incurred on screenings consisting only of external content or basic livestreams.

The charge is incurred once per virtual ticket purchase (including if the ticket is free), whether the virtual screening is a single feature or multiple films such as a shorts program.

Livestreams: You can add Basic livestreams to your account for $10 an hour. Premium livestreams are available at $10 an hour + $0.99 DRM unlock fee.

NOTE: Additional ingests for bonus content or updated versions of a film will be billed at $25 for a feature (over 30min) and $5 for a short (under 30min).

How long does it take to set up?

Three weeks are required for onboarding and set up.

What are the file requirements?

Video File Requirements: H.264 @ 1080p / 10Mbps - Recommend under 10GB (90 minute film is approximately 5GB). The file requirements for projecting in theaters is typically much higher than what is needed for streaming online.

Audio Channels: two-channel stereo with Matrix embedded surround (Pro Logic or similar)

Closed Captions: .SRT or .VTT files

What is DRM? Is your platform secure?

All uploaded content is protected with the same Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used by Disney+, iTunes, and Netflix. DRM prevents users from downloading, copying, redistributing, or converting content to ensure streams only playback on trusted devices with a valid session.

Every film uploaded and streamed via Eventive is secured with a Nagra NexGuard invisible forensic watermark at no additional cost. This forensic watermark identifies each individual user and session, meaning any unauthorized use can be traced right back to the source.

Visible overlay watermarking is also available by request at no additional cost. Session specific and user specific burn-in watermarking are also available.

Availability windows, geographic restrictions, and the number of streams can all be restricted. Geographic restrictions are verified using a combination of IP address location, on-device location services, and proxy detection.

Upload the movie file directly into our video partner's secure cloud storage, where it's transcoded and encrypted with DRM. The source file is then deleted immediately after. Only authorized ticket holders or subscribers are granted access to view the content, and all activity is logged.

Our full security page can be found here.

How can I control when my audience can watch my film?

You will set up 3 windows of time that work together to determine when and for how long your audience can watch your film: the Availability Window, Unlock Window, and Watch Window. Learn more about these windows here.

What support do I receive?

After activation, you will attend a Single Film onboarding meeting with our Organizer Success team to help you get set up.

Additional help can be found via Eventive's help articles, video resources, and organizer support chat. Chat support hours are Monday-Friday 9am-9pm EST, and 12pm-4pm EST on weekends and holidays. Support is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Send questions as early as possible to ensure that deadlines are met.

What support does my audience receive?

There is a "Need Help" button on every virtual screening page that takes audience members to the Audience FAQ page (available in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic). If they're unable to find the answer in the FAQ, they can launch live chat support to talk to our Audience Support Team.

Audience Support is available seven days a week from 9am-3am EST, and an automated resolution robot is available 24/7.

What reports and analytics does my organization get?

We offer deep, constantly-evolving analytics about your audience. Once you've had a few sales, check out the Analytics section of your event bucket.

How do livestreams work?

You will create your livestream through an external encoder source, such as Zoom, Skype, or OBS, then connect it to Eventive via the Livestream Hub. Your audience will watch the livestream on Eventive, with the option to interact via the chat function.

Watch our demo video about livestreaming, and read this guide about launching a livestream on Eventive.

Can our screenings be in a language other than English?

There are many customizable elements of the interface that you can translate into any language via the Configurator. You can translate buttons, menus, on-screen prompts, and more. There are several underlying system dialogues such as the checkout window that contain English elements that are not yet translatable.

Can I use a different ticketing vendor?

Yes, though Eventive includes comprehensive ticketing, which creates a one-stop-shop for you and your audience. Connect your bank account to allow payments to go directly into your account, giving you user analytics, sales analytics, streaming analytics, and all financial reports in one place!

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