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Accept Donations at Your Event
Accept Donations at Your Event

Use Eventive to collect & track donations of any amount, making fundraising easier than ever.

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Eventive makes fundraising easy! Enable donations per event bucket and easily run targeted donation campaigns.

The fee on donations is 2.9% + $0.30 (USD), which is the Stripe portion of the transaction fee.

Settings described below relate to the Donations page on your Eventive Native site - - as well as donations at checkout for pass sales and physical event ticketing.

To modify donation settings for virtual screenings, configure the settings in the Virtual tab in the Configurator. Virtual screenings have donations at checkout enabled by default.

Enable Donations

  1. Open your Event Bucket Settings page

  2. Scroll down to Site features

  3. Select Accept donations on site

  4. Click Save

Donations are now enabled! Click Direct donation link to go to your Donation site, which you can then share directly with potential donors.

Please note: Sales for your Event Bucket must be enabled in order to receive donations.

Click Configure in Configurator to open the Donations tab and fine-tune your Donations page settings.

Collect Donations at Checkout

Use the Donations tab in the Configurator to enable the option to add a donation at checkout for physical events and/or the purchase of virtual and physical passes.

A standard set of donation price tiers - as well as an "Other" option - appears by default, but you can customize the specific tiers in the Donations tab.

Remember, customizing donation amounts in the Donation tab will only apply to checkout for physical events and pass sales. To modify donation settings for virtual screening checkouts, you must configure the settings in the Configurator Virtual tab. Virtual screenings have donations at checkout enabled by default.

Customize Your Donations Page

Use the Donations tab to customize the look and feel of your Donations page. The Donations page exists for both physical and virtual events as long as Accept donations on site is selected on your Event Bucket settings page.

Email Confirmation and Donation Receipts

Use the Donations tab to customize the confirmation email sent when a standalone donation is made, under Donation email order confirmation message.

You can also enable generating tax-authority compliant donation receipts with options to enter mandatory information fields.

Interstitial Message

Use the Donations tab to create a one-time interstitial message which will pop up on a customer's first paid order for a more intrusive one-time donation request.

Read more about the Donations tab to learn about every customizable aspect of collecting donations!

Donations FAQ

What fees are incurred on donations?

Eventive ticketing fees are waived on donations, but the credit card processing fee is still charged at 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. In other words, donations do not incur the entire 5% + $0.99 transaction fee -- rather, the fee on donations and items in USD is 2.9% + $0.30, which is the Stripe portion of the transaction fee.

Find the transaction rates for currencies other than USD here.

Can I remove the $0 donation option?

At this time we cannot remove the $0 donation option as it is the only way for customers to opt-out of the donation.

Why don't I see the donation request when I test my screening?

The donation request is the last step in the checkout process.

Step 1 is to ask the ticket purchaser for an email address to create a new account or to log in. If the ticket purchaser already has an account and is logged in, then checkout will begin with Step 2.

Step 2 is to enter credit card information.

Step 3 is the donation request window.

Be sure to complete all steps in order to see the donation request window.

Learn more about donation fees, data, and reporting here.

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